What is the Current Status and Future of C22 Bill?

In this article, you will know about the Update on the C22 Disability Bill in Canada: What is the Current Status and Future of the C22 Bill? Bill C22 is Canada’s first disability benefits act that helps reduce poverty and supports the disabled with some financial assistance benefits. This bill is making its consequential amendment with their income tax act. The Federal Government has placed its for long-promised disability and to get its benefits the individual needs to check their eligibility and their disability status. To know more essential information related to the Update on the C22 Disability Bill in Canada, what it is, and more, continue browsing this article.

Update on C22 Disability Bill in Canada

The C22 is the federal bill for the national disability pension which came into law in Jun 2023. This bill was focused on reducing poverty and securing the financial guard of working-age people with disability. The C22 disability bill and the Canada Disability benefits are expected to come again in Apr 2024. The federal parliament has reviewed all the acts that are possible after it comes into force after 1 year.

The Canada Revenue Agency provided another name for this bill the Canada Pension Plan where the recipients the age of 65 or above are entitled to pension benefits. These federal benefits are granted to low-income individuals, in the same way the C222 bill came into action which has brought up some additional financial aid benefits support to Canadians with disability.

For the year 2024, the C22 Disability Bill in Canada has named the Canada Pension Plan disability benefits through which financial support is provided to mentally or physically impaired individuals who suffer from disability and are unable to manage their cost of living expenses which leads to poverty in the nation. The eligibility of these bills is granted with the monthly assistance of 300 CAD.

C22 Disability Bill

Bill C22 came into action in June 2023 with the gain of royal assent. This enactment established Canada’s disability benefits to reduce poverty and deliver support to the working-age disabled. The Governor in Council implements various benefits designed with elements through regulation that are made after the substantial modification of the individual income tax.

The Federal statistic has estimated that more than 900K working-age Canadians with disability live in poverty, along with this only 55% of disabled Canadians are gainful employment with the aged 25 to 65 years. The C22 Disability Bill is made with the intent to offer monthly assistance benefits to people with disability. The size of the benefits is prompting a guide on the regulatory process that specifies the parameters of the benefit.

What is the Current Status and Future of the C 22 Bill?

The Canadian C22 bill became a law on 22 Jun 2023, from where it was focused on reducing poverty and providing financial benefits to working-age people with disability. The bills are being processed and will be out in April 2024, the eligibles have to file an application and the benefits will be automatically granted into their bank account.

On 7 Dec 2022, the committee adopted the bill, on 14 Dec 2022, the bill was presented to the federal house, then on 9 Mar 2023, the bill was sent out to the standing committee on Social Affairs, technology, and science. On May 11, 2023, the committee reported the bill with amendments, and on May 16, 2023, the bill was agreed with the senate report. On 20 Jun 2023, the Senate approved the House’s recommendation to change the bill.

The federal Canada disability benefit regulates the online engagement for Canadians to share their feedback and insights in designing the new benefits regulations. Currently, the bill has not passed due to various factors that are needed to determine its eligibility and its benefits cost.

The federal regulation has to define its aspects with the legislative decision. To receive the C22 Disability Bill benefits you are required to be at least 65 years old, make the required contribution in the Canada pension plan, have a long-term mental or physical disability through which you are not able to manage your expenses, and with your disability you are lead to death.

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