Byta, the private music sharing service for pre-releases and more, raises seed round – TipsClear

Baita, a music sharing service for pre-releases and other use-cases where the need to share sound files privately, has leveraged $ 1.4 million in seed funding.

The round was led by the Canada Media Fund, which was attended by private investors. They also include musician Scott Kahnberg, who was one of the original members of the 90s indie rock bank sidewalk, whom I referred to as a user of the service to Baita.

Launched as MVP in 2015, Baita today describes itself as “the platform before music on streaming services”. The service allows anyone to send and receive digital audio “in a clean, simple and secure way”, and is said to be used by bedroom artists to share music files during the pre-release process and for collaboration For large record companies, such as bandmates, labels, promoters, writers and DJs.

Byta co-founder and CEO Mark Brown, who has worked in the music industry for 25, explains, “During the music ecosystem, everyone is sharing audio files and streams privately, which is the basis of streaming services But albums and albums are released and pressed on vinyl. ” Years.

“An artist’s music is their posture, and when recipients are not able to hear easily, they will move on. The longer the time is taken by technical delay, the less time there is for listening. Although it is hard to believe , These simple tasks are difficult to accomplish efficiently on the desktop, and virtually impossible on mobile. Anyone in the Byta music ecosystem is able to send and receive digital music in a clean, simple and secure way, on desktop and on mobile makes.

Regarding use-cases, Brown says that producers and artists of all sizes use Byta to quickly swap tracks in the studio, and that high-profile releases with key contacts in the manager and big label music industry Let’s use the platform to securely share. “Banta is the first vertical SaaS of music, which means that our market is the entire music ecosystem,” he says.

To that end, artists like Baita SoundCloud are directly competing with streaming platforms (as well as generic file sharing services, such as WeTransfer and Dropbox).

Adds the CEO of Baita: “Unlike our rivals, Baita is designed specifically for music. Byta is the only platform that leverages the unique properties of audio files: embedded metadata, audio quality, and streamlining ”.

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