Buy a new Chevy Bolt and GM will install Level 2 charging in your house

Buy a new Chevy Bolt and GM will install Level 2 charging in your house
2022 Chevy Bolt EUV

The new Chevy Bolt comes with a Level 1 / Level 2 combo charger, and GM will help you take advantage of it.


Chevy’s Bolt EV has always made very good offers for your buck. With a sticker price under $ 40,000 and about 300 miles, it has been a relatively popular model for General Motors, but is now there A refreshed Bolt EV version revealed for 2022, And to help get people excited about it, GM is offering some very good offers.

Specifically, according to a report published Wednesday by Inside EVS, GM will pay to install a Level 2 EV charger at your home, including a suitable NEMA 14-50 outlet and labor. If this sounds like a solid deal, it is. The catch is that this is just what GM is calling a “standard installation”, this means that if there is any awkwardness with the wiring of your garage, you may be on the hook for the difference.

We asked for clarification on this from GM, but did not hear in time for publication.

The new bolt will come with a combination level 1 / level 2 charger, so once you install the outlet, it should be golden when it arrives Charge your hatchback Much higher than the glacial speed of a 110-volt outlet. Of course, even then, you are leaving something on the table.

By this, we mean that the new Bolt can charge at level 2 at 11 kW, but the included charger and this NALA outlet that is part of the install package will only handle a charge rate of 7.2 kW. If you want the maximum amount of juice in the shortest amount of time, you will need to upgrade to a 60-ampe circuit and a hardwired wall charger that will give out 48 amps.

The program is run through GM’s partner Qmerit, a platform that helps EV owners to match qualified home charging system installers. Customers can take action by June.

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