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Earlier this year Stage, ClearTips spoke with Zoom’s Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) Ryan Azas about building an early-stage sales team. Azus is perhaps best known for leading the video-calling veteran’s revenue arm during COVID-19, but his experience building the North American sales organization from the ring to Norventural led him to build an early-stage sales team Made the perfect guest to talk about.

We asked them about how the founders should move away from advancing the sales organ of their startup to build a working sales culture, hire diversely, choose a customer segment, and build a playbook. .

Below, ClearTips has compiled a number of key comments from Azus, and we’ve subsequently included a full video as well as a copy from the interview. let’s go!

When should founders let others run sales?

Almost every startup leans its CEO as its first salesperson. After all, who knows the product and can talk like a startup leader? But the CEO’s deterioration as Chief Executive Officer for sales scale. So, when is the right time for someone else to step in?

Very early. First, the CEO needs to address customer needs. And so when you are trying to fit into the product-market, it is important to be very critical for some time to really understand. And then bring some of those sales people as you start to see something [good].

Part of this is also to know what kind of vendor you need. […] Who is your main audience? Which person are you going after? And trying to find people who want to sell and know something that makes a lot of transactions, mainly for small businesses, [or] E-commerce leads, or selling something that is more enterprise – they are different animals, different segments that are going after you. A mistake [startups make] Hiring the wrong type of vendor. (Timestamp: 5:29)

How much product-market fit?

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