BTS rings in 2021 with an online concert

On Thursday, the globally popular boy band BTS hosted an online concert to bring in the new year in association with other K-pop groups and their management agency Big Hit Entertainment. It was also joined by Haley, Louw and Steve Aoki from afar with whom the band has collaborated in the past.

Fans from all over the world attended the concert. The band members also participated in online fan meetings, message reading, games etc.

The concert in Goyang (northwest of Seoul) was initially planned to be both an online and offline event, but the new surge of COVID-19 cases in South Korea led the band to host only one online concert .

The concert marked the end of a reasonably successful year for BTS, their first all-English single Dynamite, the first K-pop group with a Grammy nomination to the new album, to name a few. They have consistently topped Billboard this year and repeated accounts state that they are eager for a one-man concert.

During the fan talk, Suga said, “I hope you wrap up the end of the year well, and I would like to see you in person soon.”

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