Brooke Shields Shares She Broke Her Femur and Is “Beginning to Mend”

Brooke Shields Shares She Broke Her Femur and Is "Beginning to Mend"

Brooke Shields Fans were surprised to find out on social media that she is reproducing after breaking her femur.

The 55-year-old actress shared the footage on Instagram on Sunday. On February 21, at the hospital, he wore a gown and non-slip socks as he learned to use crutches and slowly put weight on his injured right leg.

“Broke my femur,” blue Lagoon Starr wrote about her thigh bone. “To begin with. No matter what your challenge is, make a positive choice, for yourself, to move forward. #BeginningisNow.”

Brooke did not provide information on how or when the injury occurred. In the footage, he can be heard talking to another person and apparently repeating the advice he received, including putting “only 20 percent weight” on the injured leg.

“And the goal is to bend your knee a little bit every time, just because you’re not pulling it,” Suddenly Susan The alum continued.

Many famous friends offered support in the comments. Glen close Wrote, “Brooke! So sorry! Courage … it’s in your blood. Sending love.”

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