Brood X cicadas: What it's like in pest control when billions of bugs emerge

Brood X cicadas: What it’s like in pest control when billions of bugs emerge


Cicadas are to emerge in 15 states and DC.


In 2004, Frank Meek stood in line at an airport in Ohio. Meek was a technical and training director for the pest control company Orkin at the time, and completed the pest-related project at the poultry farm. He was about to fly to Atlanta when a Transportation Security Administration agent pulled him aside. Meek had three coins sticking out of his back.

“The old man is being called inside the airport to carry live insects … he had no idea about this,” says Meek, manager of technical services for Orkin. He was remembering the last time known as the group of Sikadas. Brood X Embossed His 17-year-old, underground hideout and a brief walk in the airport resulted in three cicada hitchhikers on his back. Periodic cicadas spend the majority of their lives underground and emerge every 13 or 17 years, depending on the brood, for one Sexual intercourse that is difficult to ignore.

As Brood X begins to emerge in 15 eastern US states and Washington, DC, billions of cycads seeking, indulging, and spawning can cause astonishing visual and auditory ruckus for a few weeks. For someone like Meek, a board-certified entomologist and bug fan, this is all very well. Having worked in the pest control industry since the 80s, however, he has found that when a brood of periodic cycads hits, not everyone is as thrilled, and sometimes people Turn to your local pest control professionals to do something about it.

“People have a premonition to react to insects with fear or disgust,” says entomologist Jim Frederick, head of the National Pest Management Association, a trade association for the pest management industry. This reaction is not always unfounded – termites can damage structures and cockroaches have been linked to asthma. Some live up to the names of pests.

During the emergence of Brood X 17 years ago, Fredericks was working in a pest control company in Baltimore and remembers the calls of related customers differently. Matter, sobs Don’t bite, sting Or harm, possibly different from Damaging some young trees When women lay an abundant amount of eggs in the branches. So when people call for help, Frederick says, in pest control they are largely in a position to educate customers on why insect professionals are not going to show up and spray their yard with pesticides .

To an extent, education is always the major part of pest control. For example, Fredericks states that part of dealing with ant invasion is talking to the customer about preventive measures, such as not leaving food out.

Meek remembers learning a lesson about education himself. He started in the business in 1986, a year before another Brood X appearance. He was in sales, and his job was to move to residential areas and get people to use pest control services.

“I think it remembers … The news said that we’re going to have this swarm of insects … so I’m going to make a lot of money right now,” he says. “This was not the case. I was educated by the company very quickly that no, we can’t go out and sell the business for that.”

So what Does Says pest control?


Angela Tucker, a board certified entomologist, and a technical manager for Terminex.

Angela Tucker

The first big point is that Angela Tucker, a board-certified entomologist and technical manager for Terminex, another pest control company, says that cicada will not harm you. Tucker grew up in Conor, where annual cicads are more common than periodic cicadas. Annual cicads differ from cicadas from time to time, to be sure, but they share common characteristics, such as their loud chirping and buzzing and their common patterns emerging, mating, laying, and below. Die while falling

Tucker says that the pests have made customers “aware of basic biology, and, ‘Hey, we appreciate that you have concerns, but they’re not getting into your home or business.”

Meek will explain everything, with holes likely to see people in the ground where insects emerge for the purpose of chirping and why they are ejected from the ground everywhere.

“We really want people to understand and know that pesticides are not the answer, which is a very strange thing coming from a pest control company,” says Meek. “Pesticides are not the thing to use on this pest. They don’t work for it, and it’s a waste of product, and it’s a threat to the environment because it’s only afraid of cycadas.”

Cicadas also play a role in the environment. They would provide a “cicada smorgasboard” for birds and other animals, and disintegrate all those dead cicadas and put nitrogen back into the soil – the air they’ve been out of as the tunnel.

And although people are sometimes frustrated that pest-control doesn’t have a silver-bullet solution to keep pests out, learning about them is a long way toward removing any fears or concerns, says Meek Decides.

Meek, Tucker and Frederick all shared another advice as pest control professionals and entomologists: enjoy rare natural spectacles.

Fredericks likes to think of everything that has happened in the last 17 years: The children who graduated high school now appeared as broods for the last time. iPhones had not yet appeared. The last episode of Friends aired on NBC.

Many years ago during an emergence in Northern Virginia, he went to see and hear his daughter, who was 6 years old at the time.

Tucker underlined that it is an impressive experience, especially because it is not often so.

“The cleanest thing for me,” Frederick says, “Sometimes when you’re in people’s homes, they get help with various pest issues, and young children find the cast-off skin of the nymphs that grow in the trees.” Sticks to it, and they want to talk about that. And this is a very good chance to teach and educate and generate people’s interest in insects and the fact that they’re not all bad, and they’re actually very Are good. “

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