Britney Spears Makes Ted Cruz Apologize in SNL Opener

Britney Spears Makes Ted Cruz Apologize in SNL Opener

Oops, they did it again.

Shanivari Night LiveThe February 20 episode provided some high-profile people with an opportunity to apologize for their latest controversial actions – with a little help Britney Spears, Played by Chloe Fineman. The actress airs the pop star’s recent Instagram video, in which she appears wide-eyed on camera and occasionally breaks into a dance, as she explains why she is hosting this sorry journey.

“I started this show Oops you did it again So people can apologize for the things they did wrong, because after the #FreeBritney documentary comes out, I’m getting hundreds of apologies a day, “she tells the audience.” Our Sponsor, Notes Application. Do you want to post a lame apology for 20 years late? Go through the motions with the Notes app. “

There is a subtle digging on the line Justin timberlake, Who recently posted his apology after calling his ex-girlfriend out earlier this month new York Times Document Framing Britney Spears. The film “Peace of Me” marks the rise of the singer to fame and falls from the public’s footsteps, leading many fans to criticize how Justin broke up.

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