Britney Spears Fans Study Her Hidden-Words Post After Documentary

Britney Spears Responds to Fans Who Say Her Dancing Isn't "Perfect"

Britney Spears‘Social media posts have taken on increased meaning for fans in light of the documentary about their stereotypes, and her most recent photo is no exception.

The 39-year-old pop star, known for sharing lighthouse dance videos and silly messages, took to Instagram on Tuesday, February 16, to post a picture of a Scrabble board containing both real and fabricated words .

In her caption, the “strong” artist encouraged fans to find fake words, but did not specify whether he was actually playing a game with someone else. As board game fans know, making your own words is usually a scrabble no-no.

“Can you find a word that is not really a word ????” Brittany wrote. “Sometimes it’s fun to make loved ones [winking-face-with-tongue and shrugging emojis] !!!! “

Naturally, this immediately prompted countless fans to suggest in the comments that the game board’s words were intended to create a hidden meaning or give clues about its well-being. Many of Fan’s comments sound mild, though others expressed genuine concern for the “circus” singer.

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