Bridgerton Star Rege-Jean Page Joins Chris Pine in Dungeons & Dragons Reboot

Bridgerton Favorite Reese-Jean Page has joined the cast of Paramount’s Dungeons & Dragons film. Together Bridgerton Being one of the most popular offerings on Netflix soon after making its new season debut, Page has increasingly seen its star since the beginning of the year. It was recently announced that he would build his own Shanivari Night Live Hosting for the first time in an upcoming episode of the sketch comedy series, and now his next big project in Hollywood, too.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Reese-Jean Page has closed a deal for a lead role in live-action Dungeons & Dragons Customization. He will be a featured player as part of an ensemble that also includes Chris Pine (Star trek), Michelle Rodriguez (Fast and furious Franchise), and Justice Smith Detective Pikachu) is. As with the other actors, no details have yet been revealed on Page’s character as the plot details are still firmly wrapped.

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Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley (Game night) Will direct Dungeons & Dragons. The directing duo will use a screenplay they have co-written based on a previous draft by Michael Gillio. Jeremy Latcham will produce through his production with Studio Eon along with Brian Goldner of Hasbro. Hasbro / Eon and Paramount will jointly produce and distribute in the UK and Canada Evenon and Paramount elsewhere in the world. ‘

Dungeons & Dragons Is a popular fantasy role-playing game where players create their own characters to progress through the fictional medieval world. It has served as an inspiration for various adaptations for many years, including a live-action film first released in theaters in 2000. Although it featured a strong cast, the film was critically panned, but two sequel videos released directly to television or at home.

A popular 1980s cartoon series Dungeons & Dragons Took a different approach with the story. This was then delivered to a group of real-world children Dungeons & Dragons The universe where they spend a series of ways to find their way back home. It is not yet known if Paramount’s upcoming feature will be more than a meta-story like cartoon or if it is set in a mysterious fantasy world like the 2000s.

According to Netflix, Bridgerton Viewed by more than 82 million subscribers within its first month, setting a new record for the streamer. For his role as Simon Bassett, Duke of Hastings, Page has become one of today’s most popular actors in a span of a few weeks. He first appeared The roots Miniseries and abc drama for the people. some Bridgerton Fans have also called Page to play the next James Bond, with Daniel Craig leaving the franchise.

You can catch the page in the first season of Bridgerton Which is currently streaming on Netflix. This Saturday, he will also host the next new episode SNL, Giving fans the opportunity to see the more comical side of the actor. Given his performance that we have seen from him so far, there is no doubt that he will do it right now Dungeons & Dragons. We got this news from Hollywood Reporter.

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