Breonna Taylor’s Mom Recalls Phone Call From the Night She Died

While people all over the country call out Bryo taylorIn her name, her mother is confronted by the devastating loss of her daughter in quiet moments.

In a remote interview on Friday today, Tamika Palmer Her 26-year-old daughter was lost by police officers in the early hours of March 13, who was given a no-knock search warrant in connection with a drug investigation and forcible entry into her home. Family lawyer Lonita Baker Denied that Taylor was involved in any drug activity.

Asked “When did this happen, what happened?” todayOf Sheinelle Jones, “It just never stops, but it’s those moments when it calms down – it gets very loud in my head and I never imagined life with her.”

Palmer also remembered a call from his daughter’s boyfriend, Kenneth WalkerAround that time Taylor was shot. “He called me and said that someone kicked in the door and he thinks Briona was shot and was screaming for him and I was like, ‘Where is he?” And he said he can’t see, “she told Jones.

Palmer, according to NBC, citing a lawsuit filed by Taylor and Walker — who was sleeping with him in a Kentucky apartment when authorities suspected the house was being ransacked. Walker fired from his licensee gun and allegedly shot an officer in the leg. Officers shot Taylor several times and fired him back. Commonwealth Attorney Tom wine The court asked to dismiss the murder and assault charges against Walker while the investigation is underway.

Meanwhile, there was a dispute over whether the officers identified themselves and knocked on the door before making their way into the house.

As taylor’s mother said today, “Kenny and seven other neighbors who live there said no one heard them announce themselves.”

“Kenny calls the police,” Palmer told Jones. “If you tell me that you are the police, I am not going to call the police.”

Since Taylor’s death, it has gained nationwide attention and protested. According to the retired police chief Steve Conrad, A Sergeant and two detectives were placed on administrative leave during the investigation into the shooting Louisville Courier Journal. Interim Police Chief’s on Wednesday Robert schroeder He confirmed that he had hired the detective, who applied for an investigation at Taylor’s home. On Thursday, the “Bryons Law” named in his honor was unanimously voted to pass by the Louisville, Kentucky, Metro Council, banning the use of no-knock warrants.

“Now that everyone knows her name, it’s comforting because we’re no longer fighting it alone,” Taylor’s sister, Juniyah palmerJones said. “This is everyone fighting for him.”

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