Breinify announces $11M seed to bring data science to the marketing team – ClearTips

Breinify is a startup working to implement data science on personalization, and does it in a way that makes it accessible for non-technical marketing employees to create more meaningful customer experiences. Today the company announced a total of $ 11 million funding round.

The investment was led by Gutbrain Ventures and PBJ Capital, with participation from Streamlined Ventures, CXO Fund, Amino Capital, Startup Capital Ventures and Sterling Road.

Diane Keng, co-founder and CEO of Breinify, says she and co-founder and CTO Philip Meisen launched the company to bring predictive personalization based on data science to marketers, allowing them to personalize messages tailored to their personal tastes To help improve the customer experience.

“We’re big believers that the world, especially consumer brands, really need strong predictive personalization. But when you think of consumer big brands or retailers that you buy, most of them are not data scientists. Happen, nor do they really know how to activate [machine learning] On a larger scale, ”Keng told ClearTips.

She says she wanted to make this type of technology more accessible by hiding the complexity behind the algorithms that operate the platform. “Instead of telling you how powerful the algorithms are, we show you [what that means for the] Consumer experience, and ultimately what it means for both the consumer and you personally as a marketer, ”she said.

This includes the kind of customization you might expect from website messaging, email, text, or any channel a marketer is using to communicate with a buyer. “So the AI ​​decides that at this time you should be shown this product, this offer, this specific promotion, [whether it’s] Web, Email or SMS. So you’re not getting the same content on different channels, and we do that for you automatically, and that’s [driven by the algorithms],” He said.

Breinify was launched in 2016 and competed in the ClearTips Disrupt Startup Battlefield competition in San Francisco that year. She said that there were early days for the company, but it helped her focus on her vision. “I think it gave us a huge stage presence. It gave us a chance to test the idea, to see where the market was in relation to the need for such a solution. We definitely learned a lot. I think it showed us that people were interested in privatization, “she said. And although the company did not win the competition, it ended with a funding deal.

Today the startup is growing rapidly and has 24 employees, up from 10 last year. Keng, who is an Asian woman, carries a high premium on diversity.

“We partner with about four different types of diversity groups to source candidates, but at the end of the day, I think if you’re eager to learn, and you don’t have all the skills yet, And [part of an under-represented] The group encourages all of us to apply as much as possible. We have put a lot of work into trying to create a really well-rounded group, ”she said.

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