Boston startups expand region’s venture capital footprint – ClearTips

Boston startups expand region’s venture capital footprint – TechCrunch

This year is During the early days of COVID-19, the glacial period allowed with fear shook venture capital, replacing a hot early start in early 2020. That snow melted quickly, as capitalists found that the demand for software and other services that startups provide is accelerating, leading many young tech companies back to growth, and investors in the check-writing sector I have returned.

Boston has been an example of this trend, with early epidemics rapidly dissolving into flames as summer rolled.

We collected new data, which underscored the trend, showing that Boston’s third quarter looked very solid compared to its peer groups, and that New England’s US venture capital share would have been higher during the three-month period is.

To see our October Boston and its startup scene, let’s look into the data and then understand how a new group of founders is cropping up between the city’s educational networks.

A strong Q3, a strong 2020

Boston’s third quarter was strong, effectively matching the capital raised in New York City during the three-month period. As we approach the fourth quarter, it appears that the silver medal in the American startup ecosystem is based on what happens in Q4.

Boston could start 2021 as the number two spot to raise venture capital in the country. Or New York City can pipe it to the finish line. Let’s examine the numbers.

The Metro Boston area raised $ 4.34 billion in venture capital during the third quarter, according to pitchbook data shared with ClearTips. New York City and its metro area managed $ 4.45 billion during the same time period, an effective tie. Los Angeles and its own metro area managed only $ 3.90 billion.

The number swung towards Boston in 2020, with the city and surrounding area collecting $ 12.83 billion in venture capital. New York City came in second through Q3 with $ 12.30 billion in venture capital. Los Angeles was the distant third place for $ 8.66 billion a year through Q3.

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