Bon Appetit’s Claire Saffitz Apologizes to Colleagues Amid Controversy

Claire Saffitz, Bon Appetit

Laura Murray / Bon Appetit

Claire saffitz She is accepting roles that say she played a role in giving permission Bon appetit Office to be a “toxic, racist, secretive and hyper-competitive environment”.

On instagram, host of Makes gourmet Broke his silence on alleged incidents Bon appetit“Kitchen Test” video and behind closed doors of Condé Nast publishing. In addition, he apologized like colleagues Sohla El-Wali To not advocate fair wages first.

On Monday, June 8, El-Wylie publicly claimed that “white editors only” are financially compensated for videos published on the YouTube channel. Many past and present Bon appetit The staff has since come forward to describe alleged incidents that fueled widespread inequality during publication.

“As an employee, I was definitely somewhat aware of the toxic, racist, clandestine and hyper-competitive environment we worked in ‘together’,” she explained. “But I see now that I missed too much.”

Addressing his colleagues, Saffitz said, “Only now do I recognize the extent of your pain and anger – a pain I may never know or experience, and that I contributed knowingly or unknowingly. I should have seen it earlier and used my platform. To push back against leadership. ”

The pastry chef said that his “whitewash,” in addition to his “class status” [and] Educational background, without accepting or challenging the “is he allowed to succeed in his career” system. ”

In addition, Saffitz said that his status as a freelance video host convinced him not to take “action” or question whether Sohla, the test kitchen manager Gabby Melian And Associate Editor Christina Chaye Among others, they will receive considerable compensation when they are asked for assistance or invited to come on screen.

Claire said of her actions, “I value the talent and skill of the crew behind the scenes, but don’t work to give more recognition to their work.”

The 33-year-old continued, “I feel deeply about this, but I know I don’t have feelings at the moment. What’s important is how I do the repair work – how I make amends, show it. Move up in the industry and in a different way. ”

She previously shared that her contract with Condé Nast Entertainment expired in June. However, she stated in the post that she currently “does not know what is.” [her] The future holds “with Bon appetit Or Condé Nast Entertainment. Claire concluded, “I only hope that through continuous learning / unblocking / relinquishing I can do better for those I deeply respect, and eventually earn my respect as a colleague I do. “

Claire is one of the few white employees at Test Kitchen to address multiple claims of racial inequality and discrimination Bon appetit.

Mass Food Editor Carla Lally Music Responded to the allegations leveled against him in an article via Twitter business Insider. She poorly accepted a situation involving sociality in the workplace, especially in the test kitchen, and vowed to work to improve herself. He said, “I was under-equipped to be an ally, and I have to do better now. It involves introspection as well as concrete action. It’s on me.” “Finally, I want to acknowledge the voices of those who spoke for the story. If we can fix B. A, It is because of them. “

Additionally, staff members of color have come forward to thank their coworkers for offering help in this difficult time. Chaey Wrote on Instagram in part, “Ever since our world has grown, I have been free of the speed, grace, sensitivity and compassion shown by a group of colleagues, who have been appearing in endless meetings, staying up all night Are on the phone and committed to work – which is almost entirely offline. “

A disputed photo of editor-in-chief on Monday Adam report Revived on Twitter. In a deleted photo shared by the artist on Instagram Simon Schubak And the caption was given, “#TBT me and my papi @ rapo4 #boricua,” Rapoport is wearing a silver chain necklace and a New York Yankees jersey. People accused the online rapaport of wearing a brown face, including El-Veli and B. AResearch Director Josef Hernandez.

Rapport has since left working conditions and his work environment in acknowledgment of the photo, which he said he promoted.

Matt ducker, Condé Nast’s head of programming, lifestyle and style, resigned two days later after resuming offensive tweets online. according to this Variety, Dakor wrote on his Twitter, which has since been made private: “My words were inappropriate and tragic. At the time, I thought I was joking.”

In the previous statement of E! News, Condé Nast stated, “As a global media company, Condé Nast is dedicated to creating a diverse, inclusive and equitable workplace. We have a zero-tolerance policy against discrimination and harassment in any form. Correspondingly, we go great. In order to ensure that employees are paid appropriate salaries throughout the company, according to their roles and experience, we take the well being of our employees seriously and advance the people for our culture Prioritize approach. “

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