Bo Burnham’s Inside Teaser Announces New Netflix Musical Comedy Special

Bo Burnham is almost finished with his next comedy special for Netflix. Called insideThe new special has been working with Burnham over the years, with no crew or audience. The comedian, actor, and filmmaker took to Twitter on Wednesday to release a teaser video to promote the new special, and you can watch it below.

In tweet, Bo burnham Writes, “Hi. I made a new special. It was filmed by me, alone, without a crew or an audience, over the past year. It’s almost over. I hope you like it. Will come. “

For fans doing the Bow film in the first part of the video, Burnham said: “To ask how I filmed the first shot alone, I didn’t. That shot is five years before the end of my final special.”

A self-celebrity, Burnham began her career as an entertainer, capturing millions of viewers with her musical comedy on YouTube. It was a record deal with Comedy Central Records with Burnham at the age of 18 with a comedy special recording for the network. This is another special, What., Was released on Netflix in 2013 as well as on its YouTube channel, bringing the comedian more fame. His third special, To please, Was released exclusively on Netflix in 2016.

Burnham has also co-produced and starred in the MTV series Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous. He made his debut as a screenwriter and director with the 2018 hit eighth grade, which received huge critical acclaim. Burnham also starred as Ryan Cooper of Emerald Fennell Promising young lady, Which was for Best Picture and won the Best Original Screenplay at the Oscars on Sunday.

Burnham said, “I think, however, it happened because Emerald and I are like-minded.” Promising young lady Role in an interview with Complex. “Even though I wasn’t consciously choosing it, I think our films talk to each other just because we’re like-minded people. And that’s why we’re attracted to working with each other.” . “

Burnham said: “I really wasn’t going to be like this too, ‘I want to talk about this thematic stuff.” It was really like, ‘This is a story I could never tell. This is a perspective that I do not have. ‘ After doing my things, this is what I really like, ‘I just want to serve someone else’s vision.’ This is completely his vision. This is his story. It is hers and I am happy at a ceremony in whatever way I need to help her tell her story. “

With writing new songs for the Sesame Street film, recently, it was announced that Burnham would play the role of NBA legend Larry Bird in the upcoming sports drama series. Book based Showtime: Magic, Kareem, Riley, and the 1980s Los Angeles Lakers dynastyThe untitled series also stars Quincy Isaiah as Magic Johnson, Solomon Hughes as Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and Adrian Brody as Pat Riley. The project was given a series order at HBO in December, with Adam McKay directing, written by Jim Hatch and Max Borenstein. A release date has not yet been set. We get this news Bo burnham.

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