Blumhouse’s Dracula Reboot Will Be ‘Fairly Faithful’ Yet Different Teases Director

However many, many adaptations and different silver screens follow the narrative of Dracula over the decades. Despite this, when a new film The Prestigious Monster is announced, it is almost impossible not to get excited in the least. Well, as it happens, we’re getting one more Dracula Film, directed this time Invitation And the destroyer Karyn Kusama, who is aiming to bring audiences anew on Bram Stoker’s source material.

“This is a fairly faithful adaptation of Bram Stoker’s novel. I think that is something that gets overlooked in Dracula’s adaptation in the past. This is the idea of ​​many voices. In fact, the book is full of various points. And a point. See that we don’t get access, and all customizations give access to everyone, is Dracula himself. So I’ll just say with some respect, it’s an adaptation called ‘Dracula’, but it’s probably the same kind. Not the romantic hero we’ve seen in the past … in Dracula’s interpretations of the past. “

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Thanks for the success earned by Invisible man Earlier this year, thanks in large part to ways to distract from his predecessors, Kusma’s comments make it clear that his vision Dracula The project will take a similar approach in terms of a familiar story and taking it in a different direction.

Most famous adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula Is a 1992 film of the same name, directed by Francis Ford Coppola. Starring Gary Oldman as the overlord of the Titanic Vampire Bram Stoker’s Dracula It follows that Vlad Dracula turns into a bloodless demon after his wife Elisabetta commits suicide. He goes to London after discovering that his wife has been reborn as his lawyer fiancee Meena. Keanu Reeves plays Dracula’s lawyer, Jonathan Harker, often mocked for his attempt at an actor in an English accent.

Coppola’s film describes the character’s more romantic nature, which director Karen Kusma aims to approach separately or at least.

In addition to Coppola’s take, 2014 gave us Dracula Untold, Together Beauty and the Beast Luke Evans strapped on the pointed strips to play the title character. The film was a significant disappointment, with many arguing that it missed the point of appeal of the character. Dracula Untold Usually depicts a very sympathetic version of the terrifying vampire, replacing her as an anti-hero.

The most recent interpretation of the character however appeared on the small screen, with Clays Bang being counted as Count Dracula. Series, entitled Dracula, Aired last Christmas on BBC before streaming on Netflix. While the series was incredibly well received by critics, viewers found it less to get their teeth into.

With the death of Dark universe, It will be interesting to see how Kareena approaches Kusma Dracula, And what wonder he can pull out of his decaying coffin. It comes to us from The Kingcast.

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