Blumhouse Fooled Everyone with a Gory, Fake El Chupacabras Movie Trailer

The myth of El Chuppabra finally began to receive Blumhouse treatment when a mysterious trailer arrived to promote a new horror film about the creepy cryptid creature, complete with an official press release from Jason Blum, that didn’t make the joke right . off the bat. Blumhouse said in his announcement for this El chaupacabas, Which arrived with an authentic looking sneeze, which turned out to be an April Fools’ Day joke.

“Hidden for years, and no longer a myth, El Chuppabras exists. Will you get beyond that?”

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El chaupacabas Looks like an actual horror film, with found-footage elements and monsters thrown at it. It is not until the last jump scare that Blumhouse confirms that it is all a creepy April Fools’ Day prank. The footage has fooled a lot of horror fans and some are also disappointed that the El Chuppara film is not the real deal. Perhaps the trailer’s popularity will convince Jason Blum to adapt the spoof to an authentic horror experience.

Mexican director Issa Lopez is known for being the multi-awarded, beloved of critics Tigers are not afraid: A supernatural tale about children fighting for survival in harsh real-life environments. The film was certified by Rotten Tomatoes with 97% and the director was given international recognition. Completely joked, Issa Lopez plays with the reality of the whole El chaupacabas The concept, the press release states, was never a character breakup or an elaborate prank all over it.

“As a Mexican filmmaker, I am a man of conviction, there can never be enough films about El Chuppabras and I am here to fulfill that promise.”

Jason Blum also gave a tongue-and-cheek reaction to the trailer, showing that it was a real-deal release coming from Blumhouse over the next few months. He actually seems very excited to add the legendary monster El Chupacabra to his stable of iconic horror characters.

“When you thought there’s a movie I wouldn’t make – I offer,” El chaupacabas

Blumhouse never lets the press release end that it’s all a joke. And they even go so far as to give the fake film a release date, stating, “Issa Lopez’s exciting secret project for Blueshouse El chaupacabas, Coming to theaters this summer. Get ready.”

After watching the footage, some fans were ready to strike theater screens across the country. Sadly, we have to lose out on the low-budget indie horror films about El Chuppabra, which will be released throughout the year. Maybe Blumhouse’s El chaupacabas Will someday make its way to a cineplex near you.

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