Bling Empire’s Kelly on Why Her Relationship Is Worth the Fight

Bling Empire's Kelly Mi Li Reveals Her Relationship Status

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Earlier this week, the couple confirmed that they would be back together after a six-month break in 2020. Thus, during an exclusive chat with E! News, we asked Kelly and Andrew what their next step as a couple would be.

Per Kelly, they yearn for a family one day – but they already have a few milestones to hit. “We’re still living in a different, different house,” Kelly explained to E. “You know, for us, we want to take our time, we want to do it right – and we’re doing it right.”

She continued, “We have the rest of our lives together. Therefore, there is no reason to ‘hurry’.” But we want to have a family, we want to have children in the future and are running around little Drew and little Kyle. “

To Andrew, he reveals that he already feels married to her Bling empire Co-star

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