Blair Witch Escape Room Terrorizes Las Vegas This Summer

For the past few years, before the pandemic when we all felt like we were in one, escape rooms have become increasingly popular among groups of friends and work colleagues. The premise is simple; A group of people are locked in a room and must solve a series of riddles, challenges and puzzles in 60 minutes to free themselves. Now, following the success of the other film based Escape Room, Blair Witch Project The Mind Behind Lionsgate Is Getting Its Own Terrible Attraction saw escape challenge.

escape blair witch Come to Las Vegas in July and see the brave ones who are purposefully entering the 100-year-old terrifying property in the dark and sinister backwoods to take up the challenge. Instead of being in one room, like most escape rooms, the attraction will boast ten rooms of tense time-based puzzles to solve in under an hour. We can only assume that if the challenge is not completed within the given time, it will not bode well for the people trapped inside.

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As soon as guests enter, they will be immediately taken to the lively small village of Burkittsville, Maryland to investigate mysterious events and disappearances within the community. Investigators will then need to work together to escape the multiple rooms that bring to life the classic film and the curse of the Blair Witch. Trekking through the iconic Black Hills Forest will be one of the memorabilia dramatic and terrifying elements that provide exciting twists and turns to put the guests to the test.

“Fans will be able to immerse themselves in the wilderness of the Black Hills like never before blair witchEVP and Lionsgate Global Head of Live, Interactive, and Location-Based Entertainment, Jennifer Brown said. “We are thrilled to partner with Egan Escape Productions again, and with the official Saw Escape, by launching Escape Blair Witch, Las Vegas. Vegas will become a can’t-miss destination for great Lionsgate horror experiences of the year.”

Blair Witch The Escape Room is the latest in a long line of movies to receive an adaptation of some sort. The phenomenon has been around in various forms over the decades, engaging in some haunted house attractions and scavenger hunts as challenges for people to find objects or “escape” from the attraction. The idea of ​​solving clues to gain access to new locations has also been around for a long time in video games, where players in some early games in the ’80s spent hours solving clues, finding keys and giving gold to dragons. Proceed to the next level. Additionally, the principal became the basis for the TV show. adventure sports, crystal maze and knight him. Escape rooms have been around in their current form for almost 20 years, with the earliest concept being true dungeon From 2003, which was seen at the GenCon Indy in Indianapolis. Over the next decade, the theory became popular in Japan and we all know where it leads.

Suspense and horror are a big attraction when it comes to this kind of attraction, with franchises such as Walking Dead The puzzlers are already used to thrill and intimidation as they attempt to solve the often perplexing lock combinations and security passwords that allow them to win the room. The more family-oriented escape rooms include many that are loosely based on the world of harry potter, in which an elderly wizard will encourage gamers to “unlock the secret chamber and prevent the return of the Dark Lord”.

the designer of Blair Witch The experience, Jason Egan commented, “I like to build slowly and eventually, all hell breaks loose.” His comments show that no matter how good you get at the puzzles yourself, no matter what happens, you are going to experience a sad story ending.

Together Magical and quiet place Box-office-dominated sequels based on video games Friday the 13th and the evil Dead With a never-ending stream of projects in the works and in production by horror master Stephen King at any time, it’s safe to say that horror is far behind the grave and isn’t closing in the crypt anytime soon.

Blair Witch Escape The experience arrives in Vegas in July with tickets priced around $45.

Blair Witch Escape Room
Blair Witch Project Escape Room
escape blair witch
Blair Witch Project Escape Room
Blair Witch Escape

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