Black Widow Director Thinks Red Guardian Deserves His Own Movie

latest big screen marvel outing, Kali MaiIntroduces a number of scene-stealing new characters to the MCU, chief among them strange things Star David Harbor as Super Soldier Alexey Shostakov aka Red Guardian. While the film ends in the present day leaving Alexi’s whereabouts, director Kate Shortland has now revealed that she believes the character deserves a film of her own, where questions like these can be answered. can.

“Sometimes – sometimes not – often I cried with laughter. And there were a lot of good things that didn’t end in the movie. But I think that’s why Red Guardian needs its own movie. Because it’s going to be so much fun.” . “

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The Red Guardian is the Russian super-soldier equivalent of Captain America, and an unconventional father figure to both Natasha Romanoff and Yelena Belova, played by Florence Pugh (the film’s other stand-out new MCU recruit). Betrayed by the regime he loves so much, Alexei is thrown into prison, where he spends his time arm-wrestling and regaling anyone who hears stories of the impossible war. Character gets the lion’s share of funny moments Kali Mai, and undoubtedly viewers will love the opportunity to spend more time with Red Guardian.

One person who would love to see more than a character is David Harbor himself, who revealed that there is already enough cut material Kali Mai To make the movie Red Guardian. “We did that [improvising] very! There’s also a whole other movie on the cutting room floor, like, me and Rachel flirting throughout the movie and in various scenes. When he got me out of jail and, you know, his stuff with Taskmaster,” Harbor said. “I mean, there’s a lot of things in this movie that we improvise. And I think the credit is to Kate Shortland, she saw the chemistry between us and she saw our gourmet, you know, hunger for these characters and this world, and she let us go with it.

On potentially returning for a solo project, either on the big screen or on Disney+, Harbor is saying on board, “People want to see more of this character, I’d love to give people more. And me Glad he is alive at last. Of the film too.” The actor hopes that a Red Guardian film will trace the golden years of superheroes. “What’s funny about Alexei (Red Guardian), you have this 25 year gap that we don’t know about (in the movie). We see him in Ohio and in prison. And even before prison, a time When he was the Red Guardian, he must have put the suit back,” he said. “There is a time when they have all these stories about their lives. It is questionable whether they are real or not.”

Harbor has also teased the face-off with Captain America, “I think the classic Cold War thing is the really fun and funny dynamic between these two guys and the fact that they’re in an arms race like nuclear weapons.” Came together. I think it’s a great concept that can be explored further. Kevin Feige in the room, did he hear?”

Kali Mai Now is out and Natasha forces Romanoff to confront the darker parts of her famous bookkeeping when a dangerous conspiracy with ties to her past unfolds. Read the full interview on The Wrap.

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