Black Trans Model Jari Jones Fronts Calvin Klein 2020 Pride Campaign

Black Trans Model Jari Jones Fronts Calvin Klein 2020 Pride Campaign

Zari jones History is being made.

Black transgender model, actress and activist celebrated a major achievement this week when she saw herself in the biggest life Calvin Klein In addition to the #PROUDINMYCALVINS, a 2020 Pride campaign of the Billboard fashion brand in Manhattan, New York.

Calvin Klein’s Pride campaign includes nine LGBTQ models 13 reasons why The actor Tommy dorfman, Artist Jia Woods, Trans active Disciple dude, Drag queen and singer Pablo Vittar, And Jones, who identifies as a transcriber lesbian only to have a name change.

Taking to Instagram to share her excitement, Jones wrote, “There are a few moments I’ve heard that help tell you that the world never told you.” About these moments I heard you help me heal when society has repeatedly tried to knock you down. These are the very real moments that I have heard that even if you don’t see yourself confirming help We do . “

The model also shared a series of photos celebrating herself with a champagne bottle in front of the billboard.

“I’ve been searching my whole life for those moments, I got tired of looking for those moments,” Jones said. “So I decided to make them. Not for me, but for the next dreamer, Outkast, Queer, Trance, Disable, Fat, Beautiful Black, piece of Starlight waiting for their moment to shine.”

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