Black Friday deals live now: New Echo Dot drops to $29, 2020 Echo hits $70, Echo Show 5 back to $45

Black Friday deals live now: New Echo Dot drops to $29, 2020 Echo hits $70, Echo Show 5 back to $45

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Everyone knows that Prime Day and Black friday The two best times of the year to buy Amazon devices are – Echo speakers, Kindle readers, Fire tablets, ring protection products and Fire TV streamers – at a deep discount, and this year is no exception. As of Sunday, November 22, the online retailer has abandoned the switch for most of the season at a large discount, and we’ve put the best deals below. Ground rules to keep in mind:

  • These are the first significant discounts we have seen on the new 2020 Echo and Echo Dot speakers.
  • Amazon already has top-notch deals on the site.
  • Almost all of these deals are also available at Best Buy, Target and other retailers.
  • Note that many of these are the return of the price drop from the October Prime Day event.
  • It is not impossible to have additional bundle and add-on deals there, but we do not expect these prices to go any lower between now and the end of the year.
  • Note that many of these have already been backordered for weeks, and those ship times will likely be longer. However, Amazon devices are rarely “out of stock” – shipping dates are lagging back and forth in most cases.

You don’t want to see anything here? Don’t worry – more Black friday and cyber monday The sale is coming.

Deals currently available

Chris Monroe / CNET

Like the new, full-size resonance, the 2020 Dot boasts a striking new spheroidal aesthetic. It is a solid smart speaker and remains a great entry point for voice assistance and smart home.

The new Echo Dot will be $ 29, which will save you $ 20 off the regular retail price. Read our Amazon Echo Dot (2020) review.

Chris Monroe / CNET

Like the Echo Dot, the new Echo Dot is on sale with the watch. Save $ 21 on this Echo Dot model with LED clock display for a stunning bedside, alarm clock accessory.

You will get all the Alexa Smarts you require with the added bonus of visual indicators for time and other information.


This combo deal is regularly for $ 60, but is now on sale for $ 29. Get the all new Eco Dot with a Sengled Smart Bulb and take the first step in setting up your smart home. Since the Echo Dot is also on sale for $ 29, you will get the Sengled Smart Bulb for free.

Note that this is a Sengled Smart Bulb that requires either Bluetooth control or a Sengled Zigbee hub. Read our Amazon Echo Dot (2020) review.

Chris Monroe / CNET

Amazon gave Echo a total redesign in 2020. It is now a circular smart speaker, but it is not all. The latest Echo sounds great, includes a ZigBee receiver for smart home integration and looks good on your countertop.

This sale saves you $ 30 off the $ 100 regular retail price. Read our Amazon Echo (2020) review.

Tyler Lizenby / CNET

If you want a display for video chatting, watching Netflix, or using it as a smart alarm clock, Show 5 – Amazon’s smallest smart display – is a very small gadget. It dropped to $ 45 during Prime Day, and since this price is returning to Best Buy on November 22, we expect it to return to Amazon later this week as well. Read our Echo Show 5 review.

Tyler Lizenby / CNET

The older version of Amazon’s entry-level Smart was being sold for $ 19 during Prime Day. The deal is returning to Best Buy – with a free smart bulb starting November 22, so we believe it will return to Amazon as well, stock permitting.


This $ 50 deal offers the Echo Show 5 Smart Display and Blink Mini Camera, a great combo to keep an eye on other areas of your home. The Echo Show 5 is Amazon’s compact 5.5-inch smart display. Blink Mini Blink has an affordable 1080p HD indoor, plug-in security camera.

The combo deal is regularly priced at $ 110, so if you are interested in smart security and Alexa this is a huge savings. Read our Echo Show 5 review.


Mesh Wi-Fi routers are becoming more and more affordable. The new Eero 6 system adds full support for three-pack Wi-Fi 6.

It’s not the best or most powerful Mesh system, but if you have your heart on Amazon’s latest Wi-Fi system, this sale saves $ 56 off the regular $ 279 price. Read our Eero 6 review.

David Carnoy / CNET

The Fire HD 10 tablet delivers upgrades like USB-C charging and faster processors for better performance. The regular $ 150 base model also has a 2-megapixel front camera and 32 GB of memory.

The Fire HD 10 has a better -1080p (1,900×1,200) display similar to the previous model and a microSD expansion slot of up to 512 GB for additional storage. This sale saves about 50% off the regular price. Read more.


Want something a little more child friendly? Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition tablet offers 10.1-inch 1080p full HD display and 32 GB of storage to support all their favorite shows and apps.

It also includes a year of Amazon’s Kids Plus subscriptions, a “kid-proof case” with a built-in stand, and a two-year worry-free guarantee that replaces it with disaster attacks. Read more.

All tow

If the Fire HD 10 is a bit expensive for your toddler tablet, then the sale of the Fire 7 Kids Edition is also starting on November 20. You will still get an Amazon Kids Plus subscription, child proof case and a two-year guarantee.

The Fire 7 Kids Edition comes with 16GB of internal storage and up to seven hours of fun, with expandable storage of up to 512GB and a screen with 1,024×600-pixel resolution. Read our Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition review.


Eyelid outdoor smart security cameras come in many kits, and although we do not have pricing for each kit size, this sale offers up to $ 130 on one set. The largest kit available (and likely to be a $ 130 deal) is a five-camera option.

Blink outdoor cameras are wireless battery-powered HD security cameras that last up to two years on two AA batteries. You can receive motion-detection alerts on your phone with the option to customize the motion zone in the Blink Home Monitor app, and these cameras work with Alexa for voice commands and smart home integration. Read our Blink Outdoor Security Camera Review.

Chris Monroe / CNET

The Ring offers live 1080p video, motion alerts and two-voice communication and a feature called pre-roll (when a person or motion sensor travels, you can see what happened before that). The deal saves about 50% off the regular $ 250 retail price and throws in the Echo Show 5 ($ 90 list price) to boot.

Note, the Ring Pro does not have a rechargeable battery. If you can’t connect it to existing doorbell wires on your front door, then this is not the video doorbell for you. Read our Ring Video Doorbell Pro review.

Sara Tew / CNET

Fire TV Stick Light is the most economical way to install Amazon’s TV Smart in your home. There are no TV controls with this model, but you will get full HD, Alexa voice remote light capability and access to thousands of TV channels and subscription options. Regularly $ 30, it makes a decent cut of $ 12 off the sale price.

Note that a sale for the Fire TV Stick Light Accessories Bundle is starting November 20 including the latest Fire TV Stick Light, Remote Case, and Mission Cable USB Power Cable. With a regular price of $ 63, it will be on sale for $ 50. You can see that deal here. Read our Amazon Fire TV Stick Light Review.

Tyler Lizenby / CNET

For just $ 2 more than the selling price on the new Fire TV Stick, you can upgrade the 4K model to support even the best streaming. You will receive all the gifts baked into the Fire TV Stick with the added bonus of better video quality.

Regularly $ 50, this sale saves $ 20. Read our Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K review.


If you still drag live TV to air, you can record the shows and watch them at any time with the Fire TV Recast DVR. This version has a 500GB hard drive with two tuners (a full 1TB version is also available), so you can record two shows simultaneously.

Sara Tew / CNET

The updated Kindle is included in the Black Friday sales list with a $ 30 discount. Adjustable brightness and 8GB of storage meet the basic needs of any digital reader. Upgrade your purchase with Kindle Unlimited and remove ads for an additional fee. Read our Amazon Kindle (2019) review.

At this price, the EcoBuds are significantly cheaper than Apple’s stock AirPods, which are not sweatproof and do not offer any type of noise-canceling capability. You get both of these features here and there, including Alexa. Read our Eco Buds review.

Chris Monroe / CNET

Amazon’s Echo Flex is a clever little gadget that connects Alexa to a modular smart plug design. The plug itself can attach various enhancements, such as LED clock, motion sensor or night light. To get this small device, Alexa’s All Smart, for only $ 10, is a solid deal.

Tyler Lizenby / CNET

Amazon Echo Auto is a clever little device that ports the Alexa to your car, allowing the voice assistant to speak and play music through your stereo. At a discount of $ 30, this is a solid deal for those who want to make their non-voice-equipped car smarter.

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