Black Adam Wraps Filming, The Rock Thanks His Team with Emotional Speech and $10K Prize

black adam It’s a role that has been very close to Dwayne Johnson’s heart until the latest DC Extended Universe movies were in production. Three months after donning the suit and being able to bring his muscle to the superhero party, Johnson celebrated the end of filming black adam By giving a genuine, heartfelt speech to the cast and crew on set. He shared the video via his Instagram account, describing working on the film as “the easiest labor and the hardest grind mentally and physically” in his entire career.

Commenting on the video, dwayne johnson said, “Honored and proud to say this is an official rap on Black Adam. I knew many years ago, the opportunity for me to make Black Adam would be a once in a career event. It has been my true honor to go along with over 1,000 brilliant and hungry crew of filmmakers and storytellers to bring to life the hero known as Black Adam. This is the hardest labor of my entire career and both mentally and physically The hardest is grinding. Worth. Every second. Love you all. Thank you all. And I’ll see you on the street. Now go have some fun with that $10,000. The hierarchy of power in the DC Universe is changing is.”

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The $10,000 mentioned in the post was in reference to a prize The Rock gave during the video to three people who share the win. The post garnered nearly 3 million likes in 24 hours. TV/filmmaker Hiram Garcia was among the first to comment and congratulate the Jungle Cruise star for his work on the film. Garcia said, “Congratulations brother! What you have brought to this film and character is truly special. It is an honor to see you immerse yourself in this character while taking your physique to a whole other level. #BlackAdam to the world Can’t wait to meet you!!”

While it is up to filming on Black Adam, there is still a lot of work to be completed behind the scenes, which may include reshooting down the line, before the film is ready for audiences next summer. With many fans hoping we’ll get a little tease of something before the end of the year, knowing Johnson’s love of sharing, this will be a possibility, especially with dc fandom Returning in October this year to preview upcoming projects.

Although Black Adam is alluded to in Shazam, another DC property, there is no confirmation that the two characters will cross paths in any form in the near future. While Jackie Levy is currently busy shooting for the film Shazam: Fury of the Gods, Black Adam He’ll have enough to tell his own story about how the character gained his godly powers, and sees him face off against the Justice Society of America. Not to say what comes later, but for now, I think everyone will agree that both films have more than enough to keep fans entertained and easily hold back on a crossover. can.

Johnson will soon be seen in Disney Jungle Cruise For those who can’t wait for their next fix of Man Mountain, while black adam Will hit theaters on 29 July 2022.

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