Filmmaker Vikram Bhatt is back doing what his fans love him – giving us another thriller, this time a murder mystery. The makers of the MX Original Series released its trailer on Thursday. At a glance, and we know that this is Bhatt’s story-style story written on it, complete with twists, suspense, and riveting plots.

Starring Sandeepa Dhar, Omkar Kapoor, Khalid Siddiqui, Jiya Mustafa, Leena Jumani, Coral Bhamra, Ashmita Bakshi, Trishanan Maini and Tanvi Thakkar, the eight episode revolves around psychiatrist Kiana Verma, who helps her patient Radhika, who Later complains. An abusive marriage. Soon, Kiyana finds herself caught in a scuffle when Radhika’s husband and businessman Yash Kapoor is killed, and he becomes the main suspect. Blackmails are thus a game of revelations and chases.

Talking about helming Whodunit, Vikram Bhatt said, “Thriller, as a genre, has always captivated me as an audience, which is why I often portray her on screen. As a storyteller, I enjoy reducing the tension to my maximum and the audience enjoys a lot in my characters’ journey. Chessboard is a tricky game involving exposé, high stakes, and emotional wrecks that promise you to expect the unexpected. The artists have done a fantastic job and I hope to work with each of them again. “

Sandipa Dhar said, “How can anyone ask to work with Vikram sir? His style of storytelling is heavily sharpened and his stories are a twisted web of lies, deceit, and desperation that really shines on the screen. This role required a lot of preparation and for someone who is always in charge and ready to go, I love Dr. For Kiana’s role was to assimilate a sense of intense peace. I worked on my performance for a month before I started shooting and it was a big part of learning. “

Chess will start streaming on MX Player from 15 April.

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