Bill & Ted 3 Trailer Is Here, Wyld Stallyns Return to Face the Music

For a long time, the trailer of Bill and Ted Face the Music is here. It has been released on the occasion of Bill and Ted Day on 9 June. As in ‘6/9, friends!’ Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves are both returning to the franchise as Bill and Ted respectively. This series has been inactive for almost 30 years Bogus Journey Coming in 1991. Now, after years of rumors, discussions, and close calls, Bill & Ted 3 is finally getting in our way, as is the most excellent first glance at this much awaited sequel.

Talking about the third entry in the series, it goes a long way, dating back to at least 2010. For various reasons, it took nearly a decade to land the sequel. There were ups and downs in the script and Keanu Reeves is a big star. in between John wick Films and his other projects, he has been tough to hammer down. But last year when it was announced to be aligned with the film, Orion Pictures stepped in to make it. Lo and behold, it is in Cain and is not in our way in the future to come.

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The cast is cast by Alex Winter as Bill and Keanu Reeves as Ted. It includes Samara Weaving (Ready or not) As Thea Preston (Irregular) And Brigitte Lundy-Paine are the daughters of the iconic pair as Billy Logan. Rapper Kid QD is also playing himself. Perhaps most importantly, Willam Sadler is returning as Death. Beck Bennett (Shanivari Night Live), Jillian Bell (Brittany run a marathon), Holland Taylor (legally Blonde), Kristen Shawl (Bob’s burgers) And Jema Mess (Red eye) Round out the ensemble. Original screenwriters Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon also returned to pen the screenplay. Dean Parisot (Galaxy quest) Is on the director’s chair. Steven Soderbergh (Fingering, Logan Lucky) Is on board as a producer.

In Bill and Ted Face the MusicSteak William S. Preston owes more than ever to Sq. And Ted ‘Theodore’ Logan. The pair have yet to fulfill their rock and roll destiny and are now middle-aged best friends. When a future visitor warns them that only their song can save lives as we know, they are forced to set out on a new adventure. Along the way, he will be helped by his daughters, a new group of historical figures, and some music legends. They are looking for the song that will set their world right and bring harmony to the universe.

In 1989, Bill & Ted’s brilliant adventure was released, grossing $ 40 million at the box office. This was enough to become a sequel to Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, which came two years later in 1991. Both films made money in the short term, but became true cult classics, which paved the way for this. The long-awaited sequel. Bill and Ted Face the Music This summer from Orion Pictures arrives. Do check out the new trailer for yourself.

Bill and Ted Face the Music Poster

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