Bill and Ted Face the Music Poster Has the Two Great Ones Ready to Save the World

Fans are waiting for the third installment Bill and ted Franchise for nearly three decades. Now, after months of teasing, the first poster for Bill and Ted Face the Music Finally here is who arrived earlier this morning with the Bill and Ted 3 trailer.

The Bill and Ted Face the Music poster features characters from the titular, Bill and Ted, played by Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves, once again heading back to their time-travel phone booth, another universe-saving mission. To start. Only this time, the radiastic couple are not young high schoolers, but middle-aged fathers. As the title suggests, the latest Bill and Ted film runs several decades into the future rather than trying Reeves and Winter. Here’s what the official synopsis for the film had to say.

“Since 1989, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Bogus Bill & Ted 1991 Journey, steak William Bill S. Preston Esq and Theodore are more than ever to Ted Logan. Yet his rock and roll shiny, now middle To meet the best of the age group. Friends set on a new adventure, when a future visitor warns them that only their song can save lives as we know and bring harmony with the universe . By the way, he will be helped by his family, old friends and one. Some music legends. “

So while the world around them must have changed, Bill and Ted’s destiny is similar to the music lovers of humanity. Only this time, the two are played by their daughters Samara Weaving and Brigitte Lundy-Pine. The film promises to be as good-natured and heartwarming as the original two and features many of the original cast with celebrity cameos, most notably William Sadler reprising his role as Death.

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Way to get Bill and Ted Face the Music Created is a long and arduous one, and Witness with Cayenne Reeves owes a bit more to the revival John wick Franchise. The actor is in a position to greenlight projects once again, and he used that power to eventually get a long-running script for a third Bill and ted A film made adventure.

For Alex Winter, the upcoming film will be his long-awaited return to mainstream roles. Since the success of the original two Bill and ted Films, Winter has primarily focused on writing and directing, working on projects such as live-action Ben 10 Film for Cartoon Network, and the award-winning 2015 documentary deep Web.

Advertising campaign for Bill and Ted Face the Music Fans are in a lot of pain to be a part of the film. Most notably, against a interesting backdrop, a contest was launched to invite fans to record a video of themselves with a demo deal using fictional equipment. The winners of the competition will have their videos featured in the film, possibly featuring people around the world with Bill and Ted’s universe-saving song as part of Montaz.

Bill and Ted Face the Music Poster

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