Bill and Ted Face the Music Has Been Delayed by 2 Weeks

Bill and Ted Face the Music Has Been Delayed by 2 Weeks

Orion Pictures chose Bill and Ted Face the Music two weeks late. The highly anticipated sequel was scheduled to open in theaters on August 14, but after Christopher Nolan the studio decided to push it theory Earlier this week, I chose a 12 August release date. Nolan and Warner Bros. want the audience to be responsible for bringing the audience back to the movie theater this summer, but it is beginning to happen this year.

Bill and Ted Face the Music It will open in theaters on August 28. The sequel was originally scheduled to hit theaters on August 21, but the studio decided to take the 14th Wonder Woman 1984 Was pushed towards the falls. Fans are beginning to worry about seeing Bill and Ted again on the big screen, especially since theaters are still not open across the United States. As to whether the film will actually debut in the summer of this year or not, it remains a mystery due to the current affairs of the world.

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Even though the release date, Bill and Ted Face the Music There will be an appearance in san diego [email protected] The event later in July. Stars Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter will be on hand for the virtual event, which is set to be hosted by director / writer Kevin Smith. Smith was fortunate to see the sequel before anyone else and he is claiming that it is “amazing”. Like most things he loves, Bill and Ted Face the Music Smith wept as the credits rolled. He has already warned everyone to sit through the credits.

It is not easy to release the film at this time. The budget allocated for studio advertising was well spent before it went down. Therefore, films are still being promoted, but they are not just opening in theaters. Most of the tents this summer have been pushed into fall or even later winter, although those release dates are still limited. 2020 has been a year of nothing and people are already hungry for some change, especially when it comes to being able to visit movie theaters.

Bill and Ted Face the Music The first time is delayed, but everyone should be fine with it. We have waited almost 30 years for this film and many people never thought that it would actually happen. Now, the film is done, which is an amazing achievement in itself, so we can all stand to be a bit more patient about watching the finished product. With that being said, there is a good chance that the major theater chains will not open, as they are speculating, so the wait is likely to be longer, which is what we all wanted. Variety was the first to announce Bill and Ted Face the Music Has been pushed back.

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