Bill and Ted 4 Is Not Happening Confirms Co-Creator Ed Solomon

Bill and Ted 4 Is Not Happening Confirms Co-Creator Ed Solomon

Bill and Ted Face the Music was recently released, and the film proved to be an unexpected hit with both fans and critics. These days in Hollywood, that kind of success for a franchise film inevitably leads to additional sequels and spinoffs. The co-writer of the film Ed Solomon recently took to Twitter to shoot a news article, sparking rumors that a fourth Bill and ted The film works.

“By the way – this movie is * not * happening, sorry.”

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Three decades after the last two Bill and Ted films were released, Bill and Ted Face the Music The franchise’s two outspoken protagonists pick up the protagonist’s story as they tackle the toughest challenge of their lives: their own fading relevance. Not only has Bill and Ted been happening over the years, but they have not yet written what a great song they were told to unite all of humanity.

Deadline to make the song faster, Bill and Ted decided to use their time machine phone booth to travel to the future and steal the song from their future songs. There is a lot of high-zinc, this time involving both daughters as well, and the film ends with Bill and Ted performing all their humanity together in a glorious moment while performing their favorite song for a long time Manage to unite.

As far as endings go, it could not be more perfect than uniting everyone through music. And it seems that where Ed solomon Redtatic wants to leave the pair to find out the rest of his life. Of course, as long as Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter are still interested, fans will continue to struggle for new Bill and ted material. Earlier, Winter noted his surprise at the enthusiasm shown for the latest Bill and ted Adventure by general audiences and critics.

“We had a very big response – we just opened in the UK, so it was too early to say – but we had a very big response in the West. It was much bigger than we expected. It was beyond the fanbase. I know it seems Is. Business, but we didn’t really expect it. The film was better received by critics – this film – than the first two. We scored it fairly roundly by all critics. “

Truth is this, Bill and ted Belongs to a whole second generation of films, and Face the music The success is more than a little credit for a strong sense of melancholy, which prompted fans and critics to adopt the latest film in the franchise. It wouldn’t be a terrible thing to have Bill and ted Limited to a trilogy that wraps things up satisfactorily for “Wild Styles”.

Directed by Dean Paris and written by Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon, Bill and Ted Face the Music Keanu Reeves, Alex Winter, Anthony Carigan, Kid QD, Brigitte Lundy-Pine and Samara Weaving are a prominent cast member. The film is now in cinemas and premium video is on demand.

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