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This afternoon Alphabet, Microsoft and Pinterest reported their quarterly earnings results for the first three months of 2021. Microsoft and Pinterest have rapidly lost value after reporting their results, while Alphabet itself appreciated after downloading its earnings.

Judging by the numbers to you, here is how ClearTips is considering each report in as few words as possible:

  • Alphabet earnings were strong on many fronts; Investors cheered. YouTube’s revenue grew nearly 50% to $ 6 billion, search ads performed well, and even the notoriously unusable “other bets” ground managed to post about $ 200 million in revenue. But the most notable results from the technology group were its cloud results. Google Cloud increased revenue by $ 2.777 billion, and an operating loss of $ 1.73 billion in the year-ago quarter, with revenue of $ 4.047 billion and operating loss of just $ 974 million. A Mountain View-based stack of technical services is not only building a physical revenue flow from an advertising-based product, but one that can generate content operating income in time. If the trend catches on.
  • Despite Wall Street’s apathy, Microsoft’s earnings report was very good. Microsoft increased its operating income by 31% to $ 17 billion to $ 17 billion, up 17% from its year-ago quarter; Increasing income faster than revenue is a sign of operating leverage. The company’s net income actually grew faster than its operating income, which is faster than expected. The company’s Google Cloud and AWS competitor Azure grew 50% this quarter, meeting expectations for CNBC. Microsoft remains incredibly prosperous, and some of its most visible products are in large numbers. not bad!
  • Pinterest posted a monster quarter. Wall Street was not impressed. Pinterest had 78% of Q1 2021 revenues of $ 485.230 million compared to a year earlier, with the company reducing its net loss from $ 141.196 million to $ 21.674 million at the same time, and its non-GAT net income of $ 59.916 million to $ 78.527. happened. Million during the first three months of the year. The result of this wildly impressive quarter? Its shares are more than 8% off. One reason Pinterest could be dropped is that the company missed out on monthly active users (reported 478 million, expected 480.5 million), and warned that it would see “gradual operating expense growth” [ … ] Boom in Q2. “But with the company anticipating 105% revenue growth in the current quarter and mid-term MAU growth over the same period, it is hard to get mad at the company. Unless we are missing something major here, is Pinterest being punished by investors who simply expected even more?

And there you have it, a quick catch. I don’t have to earn much anymore, but when you can get the pig out of the mess, it’s hard to get the pig to blog without earning it!

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