Biden’s labor secretary thinks many gig workers should be reclassified as employees – ClearTips

Biden’s labor secretary thinks many gig workers should be reclassified as employees – TechCrunch

Biden Labor Secretary Marty Walsh alleged in the Gig Economy’s white hot issue on Thursday, claiming that many people working without profit in the gig economy should be classified as employees instead.

In an interview with Reuters, Walsh said the Labor Department is looking at a “gig economy”, hinting that labor redevelopment may be a priority in the Biden administration.

Walsh said, … In many cases gig workers should be classified as employees. “In some cases they are treated with respect and in some cases they are not and I think it should be consistent across the board.”

Walsh also said that the Department of Labor will talk to companies that benefit from gig workers to ensure that non-employees in those companies have the same benefits that an “average employee” would have in the US.

“These companies are making profits and revenue and not me [going to] Congratulate anyone for what we are doing in America… but we also want to make sure that success dodges the worker, ”said Walsh.

Walsh’s remarks are not supported by federal action, however, but he nonetheless created major waves among tech companies taking advantage of non-employee labor. Shares of Uber and Lyft along with Duborsch sank into the news on Thursday.

In the interview, Walsh also touched on epidemiological concerns about gig workers who lack unemployment insurance and health care through their employers. The federal government has raised sluggish employees during the epidemic with two major bills that provide some benefits to workers, but otherwise they are largely without safety nets.

Reforming labor laws has been a principle of Biden’s platform for some time and the president has been very vocal about labor protection and supporting organized labor. A section of the then president-elect Biden’s transition site was dedicated to expanding staff safety, calling the staff contract an “epidemic”.

Biden echoed his previous support for trade unions during a joint address to Congress on Wednesday night, which enacts legislation to streamline the right to protect – legislation that would prevent workers from forming or joining unions. Saves. The bill would also expand federal whistleblower protections.

“The middle class built this country,” said Biden. “And unions form the middle class.”

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