Bhuvan Bam: YouTuber, musician, celebrity next door

There was a time when it felt good to pursue a career in media and entertainment, an arts or film school degree or a parental pedigree. There were slots where individuals spent most of their careers – hero, heroine, heroine’s sister, Ramu / Shyamu Kaka, villain, vamp, comedian.

But the explosion of digital content opened up a new gamut of possibilities, which controls content selection on traditional TV channels or even in Bollywood. Having a camera in the palm of your hand and a viewer who did not need to be in theaters or in front of the television changed the rules of how content is made. It also created a new breed of content creators who turned to various social media platforms to find an outlet and eventually a profession.

YouTube emerged as perhaps the most popular platform for posting full-length videos and short web episodes of shows that were high-concept and built on shoeing budgets. Soon stars were born, who are well recognized and popular today as A-list film actors.

One of these content creators who has popularized Gulel’s Bhuvan Bomb. Bhuvan, born in Vadodara and raised in Delhi, is a musician who plunged into the world of video production purely because of the accident and sparked outrage. The post went viral in response to a flood victim’s question by an insensitive journalist after a sarcastic video in which there was no search for Bhuvan who started his ‘career’ playing his guitar in a restaurant every night from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. did.

While he was enjoying creating content and posting funny videos on Facebook, his friends told him that on YouTube, he could really make his hobby / passion an income generating business. Vine was then a popular video hosting service that allowed artists to post and share six-second long videos, and that’s how Bhuvan came up with Bibi’s Vine and created its own channel on YouTube. Though there was a plan to change the name of the channel, the immense popularity ensured that the name would remain. After a successful Valentine’s Day video, this young man is no longer seen turning up, who is now not only recognized, but publicly mobilized.

Bhuvan’s videos often feature him playing over 19 different people, each with his own form, dialect and speaking style. Characters like Bhanchoddas, Sameer Foody and of course Titu Mama have become very popular. In fact, Tito Mama got a chance to meet her own spin-talk shows, Tito Talks and Shahrukh Khan. While Titu is based on Bhuvan’s uncle, he relies on his comments and interactions with those around him to find inspiration for the many other characters he has created.

Every video of Bhuvan is filmed, filmed and edited by him and he is also the only actor. Using basic props and wigs and a simple camera phone, Bhuvan does little or no help to his rib-tickling video at home. Even with a certain increase in popularity and his financial fortune, Bhuvan has chosen to keep his characters in his trusty middle-class ethos. Perhaps the fact that he did not change or upgrade his characters as his popularity grew or the way he modified the videos in the movies ensures his popularity remains intact. Bhuvan became the first Indian to cross 10 million subscribers on YouTube and now has 19.8 million subscribers on its YouTube channel.

Bhuvan balm Bhuvan Bomb’s YouTube channel has 19.8 million subscribers. (Photo: PR Handout)

Bhuvan and his brand have evolved over the years and the singer-actor-writer now has a team helping him run the company BB’s Wine Productions and a business brand Youthiapa. But while it all seems like a dream come true from the outside, it has taken years of consistent work, patience, and risk-taking ability to keep the audience engaged. Being a content creator on YouTube is a demanding profession, requiring the almost constant personal involvement of the creator who is at the center of this creative universe. The competition is fierce, and in an increasingly crowded digital space, one has to constantly post clutter-breaking content to build a customer base.

Each episode of five minutes usually takes him 15 days to compose and compose, and Bhuvan only shoots it if his script manages to make him laugh. He films all the videos on his phone and it usually takes him 4-5 hours. It is edited and uploaded on the same day, after which it is time to move on to the next thing.

Often the next task at hand is finding solace in his keyboard and guitar, composing melodies and writing songs. Music has always been his first love and he proudly states that he is a musician first and a content producer second. Bhuvan has released six songs so far, and as he plans to spend more time creating and producing music videos in the future, he promises to balance his passion for music that his audience loves Huh.

He is often pressured to be consistently funny, creative or engaging. He has talked openly about going through creative blocks and perhaps that is why he is intentionally working on fewer videos every month and constantly increasing the quality of the content. When he approaches her, he keeps mulling ideas, and takes a break to analyze what’s working and what’s not. Music is a steady and inspiring force looking to people around it for inspiration.

2020 was tough for him, as it was for many of us. Bhuvan contracted the Kovid-19 virus, but thankfully recovered completely. However, this unexpectedly difficult year has impressed him personally and as an artist. Like many of us, she taught her to be grateful to her family and loved ones and loved to appreciate simple luxuries such as going out for a cup of coffee or going to the movies. The realization that humans are fragile in solitude struck her a lot, and although technology helped us stay in touch with each other and keep her professional, this year and her troubles connected her audience through great content Strengthened the resolve to stay.

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