Beyonce Black Panther 2 Soundtrack Rumors Get Debunked

Of 2018 black Panther It was seen in cinema not as a film for black artists, but as a cultural movement and a defining moment. The film’s songs were produced by Kendrick Lamar, and it was rumored that Beyoncé would perform her duties for it Black panther 2. Recently, Variety’s senior film writer Matt Donnelly took to Twitter to rein in those rumors.

“Despite overwhelming enthusiasm at the prospect, sources reveal that there is no major Disney film deal for Beyoncé, and that she will not contribute to the soundtrack for #BlackPainter 2. As a self-conceited member of the Disney family, it is likely Chances are. ” Work them again at some point.

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Beyoncé Knowles recently worked with Disney to portray Nala in the remake King lionFor which he also contributed his singing talent. Naturally, with an artist as influential as Queen B, Disney is eager to work with her again, and asked the singer to sign a $ 100 million deal to work in three films produced by the Mouse Empire. Was one of which was believed to have been black Panther.

The history of Beyoncé with superhero films is a long story of the near Mrs. All the way back in 2008, she aspired to play the role of Wonder Woman, believing that the time was ripe for a black actress to play the role of an Amazon powerhouse. He then mentioned his love for the character in his song collab with Lady Gaga, Phone, Where his ensemble took several cues from superheroine.

When it comes to the MCU, Beyonce tops the list for many fans to play the role of Oro Monroe, a mutant member of the X-Men who is so powerful that he defeated Wonder Woman during a comic crossover. Interestingly, even in the comics, Monroe is falling in love with and is married to T’Challa aka Black Panther. This is a story that the audience would love to see on the big screen.

For now, the plot details Black panther 2 And the artists and artists who will be involved in the project are placed in the wrap. The most important sign we have got Avengers: Endgame, Where Okoye noted some underwater seismic activities. Fans believe this could be a foreshadowing of the main villain Black panther 2 Marvel‘s Aquaman version is Namor, Sub-Mariner.

This will be an interesting challenge for Wakanda, the impossibly futuristic city of T’Challa to take on the equally advanced underwater city of Atlantis from where Namor shakes, and just a war between Namor and the Black Panther Could play as a war between two states instead. .

Of course, all of this is speculation at this point, and all fans can wait for more information about one of the most popular franchises within the MCU, and how the introduction via Multiverse Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Will affect Wakanda.

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