Beware of phthalates in cosmetics!

Beware of phthalates in cosmetics!

I came across an article about a study on phthalates, conducted by the University of Washington in St. Louis on about 6000 women. This study shed more light on the potential danger in using these toxic ingredients in the beauty and health products; hence I wish to Share this with my readers.

Phthalates are a group of chemicals derived from phthalic acid. They are used in a variety of products. They are widely used in the manufacture of plastics and cosmetic products. This phthalates prevent the varnish from crack and hence it is widely used in nail polish. Phthalates are the binding agents and they increase the penetration of cosmetics on the skin hence it is used in perfumes, eye shadows, skin moisturizer, hair sprays and liquid hand wash and soaps.

Since they are used more than fifty years its toxicity is well known. Test of phthalates of higher concentration on animals shows decrease the fertility, weight loss, fetal death, malformations, negative effects on liver, kidneys and reproductive health of the male. Latest findings say some phthalates are endocrine disruptors which directly affect the hormonal balance. 

The study shows that phthalates cause early menopause in women at a higher degree. According to the study, women whose urine contains more level of phthalates in blood and urine had their menopause two or three years earlier. But the study could not find the reason why some women are more exposed to phthalates than the others. 

In the present world we are using more of PVC, plastics, shoes, some kind of fabrics, toys, ink and pains, detergents, building materials, medicines, perfumes etc hence there is much possibility for the health hazard. Fortunately, we heard the early warning and we have to act accordingly.

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