Best Labor Day Tablet Deals 2020: Apple and Samsung

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Labor Day is back and sales are better than ever this year. It seems as if the retailers took a look at the summers we had and said, collectively, “these guys need a break,” and offered some terrific Labor Day sales. As we look back to school, or just to upgrade our technology at home, some of the best gear in 2020 takes the form of tablets, which are solving more problems than ever before. We’ve already seen some great tablet deals, but as we dive into the holiday, we’ve caught some particularly exciting Labor Day sales from Apple and Samsung that you won’t want to miss. check them out!

Today’s Best Labor Day Tablet Deal

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (32 GB, Wi-Fi)$ 118Was $ 150
  • Apple iPad 10.2 (32 GB, Wi-Fi, latest model)$ 279, Was $ 329
  • Apple iPad Mini (64 GB, Wi-Fi, latest model)$ 350Was $ 399
  • Apple iPad Mini (64 GB, Cellular + Wi-Fi, latest model)$ 480Was $ 530
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 (128 GB, Wi-Fi)$ 530Was $ 650
  • Apple iPad Air (256GB, Wi-Fi, latest model)$ 550Was $ 650
  • Apple iPad Air (256GB, Cellular + Wi-Fi, latest model)$ 680, Was $ 780

How to choose a new tablet

Like any piece of computing equipment, tablets come in all sizes and have different characteristics. It is important not to be overwhelmed by shiny luminous features that you are never going to use, and instead narrow your search by asking yourself what exactly are you using this tablet for. Say that you are doing something to keep children spellbound during a car trip; In that case, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a tablet with the best camera possible. Any tablet is going to be able to stream Netflix or other streaming services, and kids are not careful by nature, so don’t break the bank on the iPad Pro when the Samsung Galaxy will do the same thing at a fraction of the cost. On the other hand, if this tablet is going to be your job for the next few times, you may want to search for a tablet with a top-notch camera to support all your zoom and Skype calls.

Another thing to consider is the operating system on all your other devices. If everything else in your life is Apple (Apple Watch, MacBook, HomePod, et cetera), then you probably want to start and end your search with iPads. Make your life easier, not the opposite.

Some other features to consider: Storage is a big one. If you are using your tablet for work (or every day) and that task includes a good deal of documents, photos, videos and multimedia assets that you want to keep as a conflict on your cloud at all times . , See tablets above 1TB of storage. Battery life is another; They range from 3,000 mAh to 8,000 mAh, which is clearly more than twice the battery. If you are going to do a lot of Skype or zoom, note where the camera is located (front-facing is better for this type of communication, rear cameras are better for scanning). When it comes to processors, again, ask yourself how big an engine you need. If you are doing basic things like keeping documents and watching videos, any chip will be fine. If you have been blown away by advertisements from people drawing on your tablet, and are typing with a detachable keyboard, make sure your tablet supports these features. And finally, if you plan to use your tablet away from Wi-Fi, make sure it has LTE capabilities. If you want to use your tablet in this way, then you need to add your tablet to your wireless provider’s plan.

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