Best deal ever? Get the Eero 3-piece mesh router plus an Echo Show 5 for $200

Best deal ever? Get the Eero 3-piece mesh router plus an Echo Show 5 for $200


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Mesh routers like Ero solve the age-old problem of how to install more than one SSID to get a solid Wi-Fi signal in each nook and cranny of a large house and to change the network while moving around in your own home Without taking The other day i told you about one $ 199 deal for Eero on Amazon (Which is still available) But now, Best Buy has pushed you forward by giving you a Three-piece Eero dual-band mesh router system with Amazon Echo Show 5 for the same $ 200. So it’s $ 50 from Eero, and $ 90 for Echo.

The deal yesterday was slightly better: Best Buy was fully bundling both the Echo Show 5 and a third-gen Echo Dot. That dot is no longer in offer, but it is still very good.

I need to dive a little deeper here. In the past, Amazon has run this three-piece Eero deal and thrown in a free Echo Dot, and I think it’s doing it again right now, viz. When some readers click on the Amazon deal, they see a free echo dot bundled with Ero on the product page; Not others. My theory: If your Amazon account doesn’t already own an Amazon Echo product, Amazon is throwing in the dot for free. But if you have a dot, you will not get this offer. Not sure what exactly is going on here, but it certainly seems to fit the data.

But forget all that nonsense. Best Buy is undoubtedly bundling an Echo Show 5 for free. Want to make sure you’re getting exactly the same deal we’re seeing here at Cheapskate? On the Best Buy product page, expand “Overview” at the bottom of the page and make sure it includes the Echo Show. Or add it to your cart and make sure both items appear on the checkout page.

Whew, OK, now that I’ve got all that, let me tell you that this Eero Three-Pack Nest is $ 150 less than a three-piece Nest Wifi Mesh router, and comes in a 5,000-square-foot range, Should be enough for virtually any house. Additional satellite units are available – the entire system is modular – for $ 99 each. The lowest price I’ve ever seen for an Eero kit is about $ 160 from back during the holidays, but this dual bundle trumps that selling price.

CNET’s Ry Krist New Ero system reviewed, And it performed very well. In Ry’s words, “The Ero is a very safe pick, and probably a terrible one too, because you’re getting three devices for less than two charges of Nest.” make that Four equipment.

First published last year. Updated with latest pricing on this deal.

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