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Best Dainty Cartilage Piercings for 2022

In the name of starting off 2022 on the right foot, Piercee’s put together a comprehensive list of the most elegant cartilage piercings to date. Whether this will be your first cartilage piercing or you’re a seasoned pro, inspiration is what we’re here for!

Daith Piercing

Daith piercings are perfect for anyone interested in a piercing that’s subtly flashy. Since this piercing is located in the central inner fold of the ear, rings are the most popular jewelry used for daith piercings. While a basic captive ring is best during healing, the chance to step up to a gemmed or stacked ring is an exciting prospect afterwards. Rings make the daith the most obvious of the piercings listed, but it will also be the most tucked into your ear because of its location.

Tragus Piercing

The tragus piercing mimics an earlobe piercing, except it punctures through the hard cartilage located above the lobe. Most tragus piercings are worn with a simple stud while healing, with a chance to transition to either tiny rings or a flashy gemmed end when healing is complete. Tragus piercings are some of the most obvious ear piercings since they’re located on the outer part of the ear, so this is something to be aware of depending on how subtle you want to be.

Forward Helix Piercing

The forward helix piercing is located just above the tragus piercing on the curve of the ear next to the face. Forward helix piercings are usually pierced with a stud or curved barbell for healing purposes, but they can be switched out to different jewelry after healing depending on your mood. Unlike daith or tragus piercings, it’s somewhat common to get forward helix piercings in pairs or triplets for an extra flashy affair. Considering this and the fact that it’s forward facing, be ready to get noticed!

Conch Piercing

The conch piercing perforates the inner “shell” of the ear (hence its name) and it can be pierced in two slightly different areas. The inner conch piercing is meant to stay as a stud and is located high on the inner shell. In contrast, the normal outer conch piercing can be worn with a ring, and it’s located on the lower curve of the shell just above the lobe. Your choice between inner and outer will come down to your desire for jewelry options. If a sparkly ring is appealing to you, go for the outer conch! Even on days you want to dial it back, you can always pop in a labret or curved barbell and keep it casual.

Upper Lobe Piercing

The upper lobe piercing is found just above a typical lobe piercing, and it’s a favorite of those with stretched ears for the ability to wear normal jewelry in tandem with plugs. Even if your ears aren’t stretched, it’s a solid complement to regular earrings as well and can be worn with tiny studs or rings as an accent to jewelry that’s more dangly or flashy. Aside from normal lobe piercings, it’s one of the most classic ear piercings you can get.

No matter what vibe you’re seeking, there’s a dainty piercing that’s sure to add to your collection of cartilage piercings. Pick your favorite and make a trip to your local piercing shop to start off 2022 on a high note!

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