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A new iPhone costs a lot of money – in fact, a lot more money. If you insist on buying a new product, then finding the cheapest iPhone deals can be difficult. If you are looking for cheap refurbished iPhones, however, you are in luck. Many online retailers have refurbished iPhone sales, including Apple with their certified refurbished iPhone deals. We have assembled the cheapest refurbished iPhones below and will update this list regularly.

IPhones are not the only remade products with amazing deals. We’ve also rounded up the best refurbished laptop deals, refurbished MacBook deals, refurbished tablet deals, and refurbished iPad deals.

Today’s best refurbished iPhone sales

Should you buy a refurbished iPhone?

The big question may be “Why won’t you buy a refurbished iPhone?” Depending on the reseller, you can easily find out about color in every recent model, configuration and refurbished iPhone deals. If you want iPhone 12, iPhone 11, or any other version at least iPhone 7 back, you can find what you want without searching too much. However, resellers have a difference in iPhone sales, so consider the following before making the jump to one of the first online refurbished iPhones.

  • How will you use it? – If you’re ready to buy an iPhone, but intend to use it only for phone calls and text messaging, any of the previously refurbished iPhone deals will do the trick and save you hundreds of dollars. If, on the other hand, you push the limits with smartphone photography, then you might want to choose one of the latest iPhones. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are the oldest generation that are still relatively easy to find and that the powerhouse is an excellent compromise between basic iPhone functionality and power features.
  • What can you expect from a refurbished iPhone? – Electronics do not have moving parts, so if they work, they work, period. Cases and screens may show wear and batteries may lose some of their maximum charge time. Leading online retailers openly explain the sales conditions and quality of their refurbished iPhones. You can expect the refurb unit to perform as a new unit of the same iPhone generation, with many merchants excluding battery life. Retailers typically certify their refurbished iPhone deals, which have been tested to recharge from 80% to 90% of the original maximum battery life. Apple takes a big step forward and sells certified refurbished iPhones with a new battery and a new external shell.
  • Guarantee – Warranties and guarantees for the updated iPhone sales range from a 30-day money-back guarantee to a multi-year limited warranty. Because the time period and wording vary, make sure you understand what the retailer offers so that you are not surprised. For example, Apple’s Certified Refurbished iPhones are usually the most expensive, but they also come as a new iPhone with a one-year warranty.
  • Cost – Budget. You can find cheap refurbished iPhones for less than $ 200 to more than $ 1,000 depending on generation, model, storage capacity, condition, warranty, and reseller upgrade process or source. Sure, you can usually save more on the latest, most loaded models, but a $ 300 savings on a phone that still costs more than $ 800 is not all that wonderful if your needs are too much Are basic. Refurbished is a great way to save iPhone sales, but in the end, your budget measures how much you spend, not how much you save.
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