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No-code startups see a lot of traction in enterprises where employees – strictly speaking, are non-technical, but still using the software every day – are on hand to take on some of their more repetitive aspects – Hands and construction are receiving applications. Job, the so-called “civil coders” of the working world.

And in one of the latest developments, a Bryter – an AI-based no-code startup that has built platforms used by 100 global enterprises to date in some 100 business ventures and workflows – new round of funding doubling. Is announcing on that occasion. The Berlin-based company has closed a $ 66 million series B, money that it will invest in its platform and expand in the US, out of the New York office it opened last year. In an interview, CEO and co-founder Michael Groupe stated that the device comes in view of the high demand for its equipment.

“It was a great year for the low-code and no-code platforms,” ​​said Grupp, who co-founded the company with Micah-Manuel Beauce and Michael Hubble. “Everyone has realized that most people don’t really care about technology. They only care about use cases. They want to get the job done. “Customers using the service include McDonald’s, Telefonica, and PwC, KPMG and Deloitte in Europe as well as banks, healthcare and industrial enterprises.

Tiger Global is leading the round, with previous backers Accel, Dawn Capital, Notion Capital and Cavalry Ventures all participating, as well as several individual backers (including Datadog’s CPO Amit Aggarwal; Lars George, Qlik’s Former CEO; Zetterberg, founder and CEO of Seal Software; and former ServiceNow global SVP James Fitzgerald).

Axel and Don co-led the Bryter Series A under $ 16 million in June a year ago, a rapid funding momentum that underscores both interest in the no-code / low-code space – Bryter’s enterprise customer base Since then it is double. – and the startups present in it while the iron is hot are striking.

And it’s not the only one: Airtable, Genesis, Roves, Creatio and Ushur are among the many ‘hands-on tech creation’ for startups of non-tech people who have raised money over the past several months.

There has been a huge trend in automation, which has greatly spread this activity: knowledge workers today spend most of their time in apps – a state of affairs that pre-dates the epidemic, but has certainly escalated. is. While some of that work still requires manual participation and evaluation from those workers, the software has automated large swats of those jobs.

RPA – robotic process automation, where companies such as UIPath, Automation Anywhere and Blue Prism have taken a huge lead – accounted for a significant portion of that activity, especially when it comes to reading forms and a lot of data entry – but There is much left in other transactions and activities within specific transactions where RPA is not commonly used (yet at least not!). And this is where non-technical workers are finding that no-code tools like Bryter, which uses artificial intelligence to deliver more personalized, yet scalable, automation, can play a very useful role .

“We sit at the top of the RPA in many respects,” the group said.

The company says that the areas where its platform is implemented include compliance, legal, tax, privacy and security, procurement, administration and human resources, and the types of features that are being created include virtual assistants. Includes tools like chatbot, interactive self service. Tools, and more. These do not replace people in this way but rather cut down the time required to spend in specific tasks to process and handle the information within them.

This scalability, and fast customer take-over from a pool of users spanning beyond tech-adopters, attracts funding. John Curtius, a partner at Tiger Global, said, “Bryter has all the features of a top-tier software company: high-quality product that solves a real customer pain point, a huge market opportunity, and a world-class founding team ” Statement. “The feedback from Bryter’s customers was overwhelmingly positive in our research, and we are excited to see the company reach new heights in the coming years.”

“Bryter has seen explosive growth over the past year, signing landmark customers in a large number of areas and using cases. This does not come as a surprise. In a world affected by the epidemic, digitalisation is no longer a good one, it is an imperative, ”Evgeniya Plotnikova added a partner in Dawn Capital.

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