Ben 10 Co-Creator Rips Into Hollywood’s Crediting System on Comic Book Movies

Everyone knows that Stan Lee had a major hand in the creation of the greatest comic book characters ever. But few know of individual comedians and actors responsible for the superhero graphic novels that were later adapted into films for the MCU and the DCEU. Those writers and artists hardly make billions of dollars, making such films at the box office. In a new column for BleedingCool, Ben 10 co-producer Steven T. Seagal criticized the film studio, ignoring the hard work of people in the comics industry.

“No” “Thank You” is not enough. I have grown weary of watching superheroes, and other comic books originate from genre blockbuster movies and TV shows, and to see the very end credits should be the inspirational comic book creators together for the non-thank-you ” Credits “Credits” while others take credit for the solid, tangible aspects of the film or TV show that was completely cut off from people’s work, omitting “Thank You”. People forgot to say “thank you” even when they used to remember their thoughts completely. “

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The issue of crediting superhero films has long been the subject of controversy. Since company Dc comics It holds the rights to characters like Superman and Batman, it is credited with creating characters that, when in fact, the characters were created by actors like Bob Kane and Bill Finger, and Jerry Seagal and Joe Shuster. Such artists struggle to receive any compensation for their work beyond the standard freelancer fee from the company, even though the company makes billions based on their ideas. according to this Steven T. The seagull, A “special thank you” to the comic artists in the final credits is not nearly enough for their contribution.

“The idea that some creators are quite flattering by seeing their name” above “- has led to fixing mega-productions anywhere on screen.” See your name ?! You are welcome! “But the fact is, these original ideas are in the DNA of these larger productions. They are not inspiring after all. They are ideas themselves. The film or TV series does not hold this shape. Without the ideas of those original creators . Actors often do not play characters that do without the original conception. The fan base points out a sense of apathy, especially outward pointing, towards those core elements in film or TV. Prior to the appearance of. New fans reacting to film or TV shows are often reacting to the story beats, character tropes, plot and visual design that worked in the original descriptions of the stories and are working the same way again. . “

In the rest of the article, Siegel reiterated that comic book creators deserve remuneration in proportion to the success of the film that was created based on their characters and creations. While the demand seems quite logical, it would be a long and difficult path for Hollywood studios to agree to it, as it would allow them to share the profits of their films with comic actors. And if there is one thing we have been taught in Hollywood history, studios absolutely hate their cache. This news was first broken on Bleeding Cool.

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