Behind the Scenes of Schitt’s Creek’s Winning Emmys Looks

Behind the Scenes of Schitt’s Creek’s Winning Emmys Looks

No matter which ancient direction they went, it was a chance for the artists to dress and to honor the special moment after different months – an opportunity they wanted to seize.

“None of us really wanted to do pajamas,” Erica told E! news. “I love fancy pajamas, but it was just one of a kind, it’s an opportunity to play dress up at home and still feel special … every now and then, even in quarantine, it It feels good to put on a dress or something a little exalted. Therefore, such an approach is not outrageously black tie, but still included with respect and reverence. “

Of course, creating a group between two collaborative stylists, while social distance is no easy feat. Styling for an award show usually includes in-person fittings and racks of options, but this time, there was too much reliance on photos and videos to bring the looks alive. Despite the challenges, the experience also marked a positive start for Andrew and Erica.

“I thought it was a really fun and enjoyable experience, that opportunity to collaborate with another stylist,” Andrew told E! news. “So often where we work individually, unless you’re part of a styling team, so I thought it was really fun and different to have someone bounce ideas and kind of just do it. Finding where we go, especially with this such unoccupied territory … It was nice to be with someone riding with me. “

– Reporting done by Sophia Gedusi

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