Beetlejuice 4K Ultra HD Arrives This Halloween with a Spooky Deluxe Gift Set

Tim Burton’s Beetlezais is getting 4K Blu-ray treatment this fall. The 1988 comedy will arrive in a huge gift set, set to release on September 1, just before Halloween 2020. Details on the set are scarce at the moment, but will include some pretty interesting items, such as a glowing dark patch, some collectible chalk to pull out your door, an original Beteluse poster, and more. For bonus features, those have not been announced at this time.

Beetle Juice The 4K Blu-ray Gift Set has been placed in the Handbook for recent occurrences, which is a nice added bonus and also a limited edition. This set is currently for pre-sale at all common locations, so if you want the set, it might be a good idea to go ahead and pre-order it now. For fans looking for a regular 4K version only, it is supposedly coming later this year. Hopefully we’ll get some more information about that release and additional bonus content included in the scheduled gift in the near future.

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Beetle Juice One revolves around a recently deceased couple (Alec Baldwin and Gina Davis), who become ghosts who hunt their former home. They help an obnoxious, devious policeman from Beverle, the Netherlands, to Bethelues (pronounced and occasionally featured in a film called Beetlejuice and portrayed by Michael Keaton) to new residents (Catherine O’Hara, Geoffrey Jones, and Winona Jones Tries to intimidate. Rider). The film was a critical and commercial success at the box office, thanks to which Keaton did not fully function, which almost did not.

Originally, Tim Burton wanted to recruit Sammy Davis Jr. to play the lead role in it Beetle Juice. However, producer David Geffen had another idea and suggested that the director talk to Michael Keaton. The duo made it an instant hit, and Keaton was allowed to run independently as a policeman, eventually leading to Burton’s next film, 1989. Batman. Keaton’s casting as Bruce Wayne was originally viewed as a controversial one, but time has proved the actor a fan-favorite version of the Dark Knight, with many still wishing he would return to the role.

It would not be fair Beetle Juice Without mentioning the long-awaited sequel, which probably won’t end. It has been talked about for decades, but nothing has actually come of it. The studio was pressuring Tim Burton for a sequel directly after the first hit theaters and he exposed his mischief on the island of Hawaii to the idea of ​​Betlezues, which has been in the news for years. For now, it seems that the idea is dead, which should be fine with long-time fans who are happy with the original. The Dawn of the Disc Twitter account was first revealed Beetle Juice 4K news.

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