Beauty Tips: Clay Mask and How to apply Blush

Beauty Tips: Clay Mask and How to Apply Blush

Mask against Acne

In a container (any container made of any metal or plastic which do not readily react with oxygen), pour two tablespoons of Ultra-ventilated white clay and cover with mineral water up to cover the clay and let it stand intact for few minutes
apply the mask of green clay on the skin avoiding the eye contour and mouth. Leave it dry for 15-20 minutes rinsing thoroughly with warm water and then with cold water to tighten the pores. Be patient, it usually takes several weeks to see a significant improvement with even the possibility that the acne is worse before there are encouraging results. Apply twice a week maximum for better results. 

Clay Masks for dull skin

Take three tablespoons of prepared clay in a container to add a tablespoon of honey and one lemon juice with it. Mix it thoroughly with a wooden spoon. Apply a thick layer on the face avoiding the eye area. Leave it on the face for fifteen minutes and allow it to dry. Then wash your face with warm water. If your skin is very sensitive replace the lime juice with sandalwood for soothing and toning. For better results do it at least once a week. After a mask, it is advisable to moisturize the skin carefully adapted.

Beauty Tips: How to Apply Blush

For a healthy glow or soften facial features, smile and apply blush on the cheeks dominant stretching towards the temples. If you want to correct your face, use two blushes, one in shades of brown (natural beige for fair complexions, dark beige to brown complexions and tanned hides for black and mixed-race) to ask for the shadows and lines and restructure face, and the other in shades of pink and orange to bring a simple healthy glow blush.

To mitigate the cheeks, on your cheeks and apply a powder and proper eye shadow with a tint pulling brown in the hollow cheeks got to dig as well as jaw fading towards the neck structure features, and also put a little touch texture cream blush pink or orange on the top of the cheekbones to the temples stretching to catch the light and give good looks.

To mitigate a face too long, put a touch of blush brown pulling completely horizontal, under the cheekbone; from the wings of the nose to the ears then melt the result to keep the finger shadow created naturally. Also, apply this blush on top of the forehead at the hairline and the chin to provide shade and redefine the shape of your face by cutting the long end. After creating the shadow, then apply a bit of blush pink or orange on the cheeks for a healthy glow.

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