‘Bean Dad’ John Roderick apologizes, says can opener story was ‘poorly told’

'Bean Dad' John Roderick apologizes, says can opener story was 'poorly told'


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“Bean Dad” regrets it, and he wants the world to know that his daughter cannot be completely deprived of food during six hours, becoming one of the first Twitter discs of 2021 over the weekend Can. Seattle musician and podcaster John Roderick Faced the wrath of thousands To tweet that he refused to eat his 9-year-old until he found out that he was an opener he would never have used. But now he has posted an apology on his website, and says that he and his daughter were sharing other snacks at the time, and his mother was also present.

“My story about my daughter and her can of beans was poorly told,” Roderick, the founder of The Long Winters and one-time candidate for the Seattle City Council, wrote on his site. “We were not sharing how much we were laughing, we used to have a pistachio bowl between us all day as we worked on the problem.” He also said that the two had eaten a full breakfast a few hours earlier.

She also said that her daughter’s mother was in the room during the day, which is not mentioned in the original story, and that she was “she was laughing at us alternately and telling us to shut up.” And while the original thread made it sound like Roderick was devoted to assembling a puzzle at his child’s expense, he now says, “We all turned the puzzle over.”

In Roderick’s original 23-tweet thread, he tells his daughter that neither of the two will eat until she finds out the mechanism of the opener, leaving him to tell her that she hates him. Thi and was trying to spend six hours to open the cooked beans.

“I used a lot of language to clearly remind people that their parents experience abuse at the hands of their parents,” Rodrick said in the apology. “The idea that I snatch food from her, or force her to solve a puzzle while crying, or tie her to work for hours without a break, were all images of child abuse that many people Was very impressed. I can see what I have done. “

The singer apologized for several racist and anti-Jewish tweets, as well as rape jokes he had sent in the past, all republished thanks to the Bean Dad drama.

“I can only say this: All those tweets were meant to be ironic, sarcastic,” Roderick wrote, adding that “my language was not appropriate then or now.”

Roderick on Sunday deleted his Twitter account “in a panic”, he now says, after the “Bean Dad” story continued.

“I have a lot to do in the coming days, so I’ll take a hatus to take some lessons from my public life.”

Jodie champion Ken Jennings, who co-hosts the podcast Omnibus with Roderick, was one of those defending Roderick on Sunday, tweeting, “If it reassures anyone, I’d personally know John I am (a) a loving and attentive father who (b)) tells high-down stories about his own irritability, like 10 podcasts a week. “

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