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Be featured in The Great TechCrunch Survey of European VC – TechCrunch

ClearTips is based on a major new project to survey Europe’s venture capital investors and their cities.

Our chancellor survey in Brussels Surveys will show how the city is migrating, and what changes are coming to investors from the coronavirus virus epidemic. (Please note, if you have already filled the survey, there is no need to do it again).

We would like to know how the Brussels startup scene is evolving, how the technology sector is being affected by COVID-19, and in general, how your thinking will evolve from here.

Our survey will be only about investors, and Only contributions from VC investors will be included. More than one partner is welcome to fill out the survey.

The shortlist of questions will require only brief responses, but the more you can add, the better.

You can fill the survey here.

Obviously, the contributing investors will be featured in the final survey with links to their companies and profiles.

What kind of things do we want to know? Questions include: What trends are you most excited about? What startup do you want someone to start? Where are the overlooked opportunities? What are you looking for your next investment in general? How is your local ecosystem doing? And how has COVID-19 influenced your investment strategy?

The survey is part of a wide range of surveys we are conducting to help founders find the right investors.

For example, here is a recent London survey.

You are not in Brussels, but would like to participate? Or are you in another part of the country? No problem! Any European VC investor can fill out the survey anytime, as we will probably call out in the next city! And we will use the data for future surveys on vertical topics.

The survey is covering almost every European country on the continent of Europe (not just EU members, btw), so just search for your country and city on the survey and please participate (if You are a venture capital investor).

Thank you for participating. If you have any questions you can email [email protected]

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