Battlefield V Headlines May’s PS Plus Lineup

Sony announced the new PlayStation Plus lineup for the month of May, including Battlefield V, Stranded lamp, And Wreaking havoc. The games will go live for PS Plus members starting May 4 and are playable on all PS5s thanks to backward compatibility.

Your PlayStation Plus games for Battlefield V, Stranded Deep, and Wreckfest: Drive Hard, Die Last May are:

& mdash; PlayStation (@PlayStation) 28 April, 2021

PS4 version of Battlefield V Will be available on PS Plus throughout the month of May. It sends players back to World War II with epic battles, both online and offline. It features a tight, condensed single-player campaign with a competitive multiplayer mode, pitting squads against each other extensively during a historical time period.

Battlefield V The lines of well inclusion coincide with the news of the next installment in the series, which will be released in 2021. EA and Dice said that the next Battlefield game would be officially unveiled soon.

Next up is Wreaking havoc, Which will only be available to PS5 owners. This driving game emphasizes crashing (ala) burn out), Competitive online battles through car optimization and PSN. It offers a wide variety of vehicles such as crop harvesters and three-wheelers. Wreaking havoc The team behind us comes from Bugbear Entertainment flat out.

Finally, Strapped Deep The PS4 is an open-world survival game, which takes place on an island full of deadly creatures that are out to hunt players. The game has a crafting system that encourages exploration to survive. After being in early reach for several years, it finally launched in 2020, courtesy of the Beam Team Games.

Players can add all three games to their library from May 31 to May 4.

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