Bantuan Awal Persekolahan 2024 Registration, Status Check, Who is Eligible?

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Early School Assistance 2024

Bantuan Awal Persekolahan, according to the Ministry of Education (KPM), can help parents and guardians who have a large number of dependents enrolled in school by lessening their financial burden and providing funds for school supplies. KPM declared that 5,254,200 pupils will gain from the initiative.

Beginning in January 2024, each youngster will receive an Early School Assistance or BAP payment of RM150. All payments will go via the school and be given to the students either as cash or as credit against their accounts. This is the largest Budget that the government has ever given, with RM393.8 billion for the BAP program in Budget 2024.

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What is Early School Assistance?

In order to lessen the financial burden that parents or guardians bear while their children attend school, particularly in the beginning of the year, Bantuan Awal Persekolahan (BAP), also known as Early School Assistance, was initially launched in 2012. This aid was previously provided to students in Year 1 through Form 5 or their equivalent from households earning RM3,000.00 or less per year.

Early School Assistance

The government had proposed to provide RM150 in early school assistance for all pupils, regardless of financial level, in the preceding Budget 2023. The Unity Government, led by PM Anwar Ibrahim, carried out this plan. In 2024, the government has set aside RM788 million to sustain the BAP, which among other things lessens the financial burden of upfront education expenditures that parents or guardians must bear.

Early School Registration Assistance

As early as January 11, 2024, the school account is credited with the BAP allotment, and the school is asked to distribute it to the pupils at the same time. After the registration procedure is finished, the BAP award will be introduced for Year 1 students who will begin enrolling in school in March 2024.

Parents and pupils do not need to apply to certain schools since all students are eligible and the award is not dependent on the parents’ financial information in APDM (Pupil Database Application). Furthermore, many educational institutions will furnish the PB1 (APPLICATION FOR SCHOOL AID) and PB2 (INCOME VERIFICATION) forms. The aid program is exclusively open to students who are Malaysian.

Early School Assistance Status Check

You may go straight to the official website of the Malaysian Ministry of Education or the dedicated website of the 2024 Budget to learn more about this BAP. Further you may also consult your respective school to get the status update of your claim.

The school will also notify students of the date of BAP distribution following the disbursement of aid funds to qualified pupils. In case of any delay in the payment you may get in touch with the concerned authorities of your school.

Who is Eligible?

Eligible Students are awarded BAP based on the following standards:

a) Students holding citizenship in Malaysia

b) Students go to class at one of the following instituitions:

Government-Aided School (SBK), Government Schools (SK), Government-Registered Private Schools, Religious School, Integrity School, Love Bonding Guidance School, or Henry Gurney School.

c) Students whose families make a GROSS monthly income of RM3,000.00 or less in the current school year and span Year 1 through Form 5 or its equivalent. Only the base pay and fixed allowances are included in the calculation of a person’s monthly gross income.

The Government Fund Account (KWK) of the school or, in the case of schools without a KWK Account, the Special Account (PPD) of the District Education Office would receive BAP Aid directly from the Malaysian Ministry of Education (KPM) in phases.

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