Bain’s Matt Harris and Justworks’ Isaac Oates to talk through the Series B deal that brought them together – ClearTips

Bain’s Matt Harris and Justworks’ Isaac Oates to talk through the Series B deal that brought them together – TechCrunch

It’s almost done 10 years after the launch of JustWorks. The platform, founded by Isaac Oates, was yet another example of software feeding the world; In this particular example, it was the world of HR. Since, the company has raised about $ 150 million in funding.

All the way back in 2016, Bain Capital Ventures fully captured JustWorks’ potential for success. Partner Matt Harris led the company’s $ 13 million Series B round when Justworks had not even hit $ 1 million in annual revenue.

In the next episode of Extra Crunch Live, we will sit down with Oates and Harris to discuss how they met, how the deal came to be and how they managed their board member / founder relationship over the past five years.

As with any episode of the ECL, Oates and Harris will also react live to the pitch deck presented by the audience during the pitch deck teardown.

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Matt Harris began his investment career in Bain Capital Private Equity in 1995. In 2000, he founded his own firm called Village Ventures, where he spent 12 years and primarily invested in fintech startups. In 2012, he returned to Bain Capital Ventures. His portfolio includes Acorns, Phoenix, Ribbon and of course Justworks among many others.

Oates worked as an intelligence officer for 12 years in the National Guard and Army Reserve. He also worked as a software engineer at Amazon before starting his first company, Adtuitive, which was acquired by Etsy. Oates led the HR and payments team at both Adtuitive and Etsy, first learning the ways in which the system was fundamentally broken. JustWorks was born in 2012 and has become a household name in Enterprise Tech.

In Wednesday’s episode, we’ll talk about why Harris believed in placing bets on JustWorks and why Oates went with Harris along with other investors. We will also learn more about how they handle disagreements, build trust, and their broader views on current enterprise trends.

Then, we’ll dive into the pitch deck teardown. Anyone can submit a pitch deck to be shown in an episode of Extra Crunch Live, but members of the Election Commission will be given priority on the list. If you want to get in on the action, submit your deck here.

We can also ask audience questions about everything we do at ClearTips.

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Harris and Oates join a world-class cast of speakers on Xtra Crunch Live. In February alone we spoke to Gaurav Gupta of Lightspeed and Raj Dutt of Greyfana, Felicis Aydin Senkut and Kevin Busk of Guideline and Steve Laughlin of Excel and Jason Boeig of Ironclad.

You can watch previous episodes of ECL here and in the coming times.

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