Bachelor’s Pilot Pete and Kelley Flanagan Break Up

Bachelor's Pilot Pete and Kelley Flanagan Break Up

It’s may day for Peter weber And Kelly FlangenRomance.

Proving that 2020 was indeed a brutal year for Bachelor Nation Couples, the 29-year-old pilot was to be taken to Instagram on Thursday, December 31, to announce that he and she Single The season 24 standouts are no more.

“Love is a strange thing,” Peter wrote. “It can make you feel on top of the world and it can make you feel the pain you don’t want. I’m here that Kelly and I have decided to go our separate ways. While our relationship is full Was. With countless beautiful memories, our relationship did not succeed in the end. “

Finisher placed third Hannah BrownWeather of The bachelorette He said that he is grateful for the nine months he shared with Kelly.

“Kelly is someone I’ll always find a special love for,” she continued. “More than anyone I have learned, more than she will ever understand. There is someone who has come into my life and someone who I always wish the greatest blessing of life. These moments in life always hurt. Are, but in my opinion that shows you. It was worth the time you spent. Thanks Kelly. “

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