Bachelor’s Bekah M. Finally Tells the Real Story of Her Going Missing

But the saga did not end there. Becca and her parents immediately contacted the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office and asked her to be removed from the list of missing persons, but they were only able to leave the voicemail. This means that she never went off the list, and so A. North Coast Journal Article-like published in february 2018 Bachelor Was airing – reported her still missing.

“Someone recognized me from The Bachelor and the story BLEW UP,” Becca continued. “Like seriously … blew up. It went international. But the facts were all f-ced. Some people thought I had lied to my mother. I told her I was in a weed farm when I was actually a virgin.” Were ??”

This caused a ton of media coverage for him, including a spot Jimmy kimmel live. “But the actual story was so long and misleading that I just told all the media outlets that I had to go to my friend’s weed farm to ‘rest and relax’ after doing a bachelor’s film and I was not served and therefore my Mom i thought i was missing [neutral-face emoji], “She accepted.”

Fortunately, everything managed to work out. “I’m sorry that my parents had to endure that awful 24 hours,” Bekha, a mother of two, concludes. “And I certainly never talked to that girl again.”

The performance of the hands, who knew when he started telling the story that the bear would be the least exciting aspect?

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