Bachelorette’s Ivan Hall Talks Chris Harrison Controversy

Bachelorette's Ivan Hall Talks Chris Harrison Controversy

Later Daily pop, Ivan opened up about his own experiences with the franchise.

“To go on my own, I know, like, I mean, types of shows like what white privilege is in America,” he began. “For example, I made it to the final three in my season, but out of a lot of people on my show, my Instagram followers have the least number, as compared to my skin color, on paper, comparatively speaking. , I stack up very well.

Regardless, Ivan calls his time The bachelorette “Was great.”

“The producers took care of me,” he explained. He said, “He talked to my BLM. He showed my brother, who does hooliganism with the unrest. And he made my family and my story wonderful for America. So I’m very appreciative of them all . “

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